How Your Association Members Could be Your Secret Weapon

Strategy goals focused on shifting your attention toward association's members, methods to help you understand your members better, and a success stories.
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How Your Association Members Could be Your Secret Weapon

Welcome to 2018 everyone! We made it. Personally, I’m taking on the new year with a “New Year, New Me” attitude. How about you? Have you thought about what you would like to accomplish in 2018?

If you’re ready to get to work, boy have I got a great blog digest for you. In this edition, we’ve got strategy goals focused on shifting your attention toward members, methods to help you understand your members better, and a success story of how one association used an innovative idea to connect thousands of its members. Happy learning!

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Interview with RAPS on Their Journey to Meeting the Needs of Members, Volunteers and CRPs

In this podcast, we join Lindsay Currie and Wesley Carr from the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) as they discuss how they have worked to build their community by striving to meet the needs of their members, volunteers and CRPs.

Hear about how RAPS shifted its strategy to make it about members by customizing their program to their audience and providing the ‘right’ needs.

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Member Journey Mapping: Walking a Mile in Your Members’ Shoes

This industry article, published by MemberClicks, provides a comprehensive guide to understanding your members by creating a member journey map. A member journey map is a visual tool that will help you and your staff get on the same page about what your members think, want, need, and feel at each point of their journey to help you see where the experience might be lacking.

Read about how creating a member journey map will give you insight into the motivations of different member types and what they are actually doing at each stage of their journey.

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How an Innovative Idea Went From Pilot to Chapter Buy-In to Success

Connecting members is one of the main pillars of what it means to be a component-based association, but we know that it can seem like a real challenge to find, plan and implement ideas that accomplish this goal. If this is your challenge, we’ve got just the resource to help you take your innovative idea from concept to a thriving success.

Read about how the American Nurses Association (ANA) planned and implemented an innovative idea to help ANA and its components connect thousands of members. Plus, get tips on how to get buy-in for your idea and encourage chapters to get collaborative in the successful implementation of it.

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