Make Your Members Your Innovation Partners

Which chapter technology is going to be an enabler? And which technology is going to connect the data in new and important ways?
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Guest Author: Tim Ebner, Associations Now

Innovation is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. At this week’s digitalNow conference in Austin, Texas, association executives and entrepreneurs are exploring ways to bring about digital transformation in partnership with members.

Talk to any association CEO today about organizational change and, no doubt, you’ll hear the words “digital transformation.” Associations of all sizes are putting serious thought into strategies that help grow business in a digital economy. Your staff may be on board with this kind of change, but what about your members?

That’s a key theme at the digitalNow 2018 conference this week in Austin, Texas, where speakers and attendees are asking a pointed question: How do I involve members in my digital transformation?

Mellie Price, executive director of commercialization at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas and cofounder of SoftMatch, a firm that matches startups and investor businesses, challenged association leaders on Monday to think like funders who can green-light and accelerate members’ ideas.

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