Member Hack: Meeting Discount for Chapter Presidents

Want to reward chapter volunteers? Take a cue from the NAIOP on how they discount for chapter presidents registration to attend its annual meeting.
Cheerful colleagues meeting for coffee break.

Guest Author: Tim Ebner, Associations Now

Want to reward chapter volunteers and give them an incentive to stay involved? Take a cue from one association that discounts registration for chapter presidents to attend its annual meeting.


How to hack it?

Volunteers dedicate a lot of time to their associations—and that’s especially true of chapter leaders, says Courtney Bulger, vice president of membership and chapter relations at NAIOP, the commercial real estate development association.

One simple way NAIOP thanks them is by offering a discount on conference registration to chapter president and president-elect members. Last year, the discount was about 30 percent, and this year about 50 percent. “Before the discounts, we had just eight chapter presidents show up,” Bulger says. “This year, I got about 35 to sign up.”

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