Member Journey Mapping: Walking a Mile in Your Members’ Shoes

Member journey mapping will help your organization better understand your members - and in turn, increase engagement and retention. It really all boils down to one thing: understanding your members. Follow MemberClicks step-by-step process to creating a member journey map and walk a mile in your members' shoes.
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Guest Author: Callie Walker, MemberClicks

Think about everything you do (work-related) on a day-to-day basis. What do those tasks all boil down too?

Likely, engagement and retention.

But when measuring those two elements – engagement and retention – how is your association performing? Is event attendance up? Are renewal rates down? Are recruitment levels at a standstill? More importantly, why?

You obviously want high levels of recruitment, engagement, and retention, but what’s the bridge between wanting and having? It really all boils down to one thing: understanding your members.

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