Need More Chapter Volunteers?

Peggy Hoffman shares five tips to increase chapter volunteers. Implementing these five tips will help you recruit more volunteers.
Need More Chapter Volunteers?

Guest Author: Peggy M. Hoffman, Mariner Management & Marketing

Need more chapter volunteers?

Is your answer yes to the question? Even chapters with all their volunteer seats filled are often still looking for volunteers. We’ve talked with twelve chapters from twelve different associations about how they are filling their volunteer needs. Here are five tips we learned!


(1) Have a team whose job is building your volunteer pool.

Pull together a team of people who like to connect people. You can call it the Membership Engagement Team, Welcome Team, or the Talent Council. Led by a Director of Volunteering and Outreach, Director of Volunteer Services, VP of Volunteers, or the Talent Scout (here are job descriptions). They seek “talent” (aka volunteers) and match them to cool opportunities (aka jobs). The goal is to develop a talent pool and a pool of activities. This pool of activities should include big and small jobs. It should offer variety of engagement levels and time commitments. The focus is on connecting members.

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