New Member Engagement Study

The New Member Engagement Study explores questions from association professionals on new member onboarding, orientation, and welcoming programs.
New Member Engagement Study

Guest Author: Smooth the Path

How do you radically grow member engagement? How do you develop member engagement in a way that makes your members feel great? How do you improve member retention even after your renewal plan has plateaued?

The New Member Engagement Study, a collaboration between Kaiser Insights LLC, Dynamic Benchmarking, 12 research partners, and 160 association professionals, explores these questions and more.

Association professionals from every size and type of association participated in this mixed-method study. They shared what made their new member onboarding, orientation, and welcoming programs most successful.

Who should read this research report?

  • Association CEOs
  • VPs of Membership
  • VPs of Marketing
  • Association professionals with an interest in member engagement
  • Association industry consultants and providers

What will you learn from this research report?

  • The 3 strategies for successful new member engagement plans
  • How to measure your plan’s effectiveness
  • Which tactics work best and why

What can you do with the results of this research report?

  • Build a robust plan for new member engagement
  • Improve new member engagement and renewals
  • Learn how to grow not just new member engagement but engagement with all members.

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