Fifth Consecutive Win of National Best & Brightest Award
Billhighway is pleased to receive the title of National Best and Brightest Company to Work For, the fifth win in a row proves our culture centric workplace.
Fifth Consecutive Win of the National Best and Brightest Award Proves Being Culture-Centric Works for Billhighway

Fifth Consecutive Win of the National Best and Brightest Award Proves Being Culture-Centric Works for Billhighway

Once again, Billhighway is pleased to receive the title of National Best and Brightest Company to Work For, the fifth win in a row.  The team contributes the win to its ‘Powered by Fun’ culture and providing a healthy work-life balance.

The Human Resources Team, referred to as “Team Member Success” at Billhighway does their due diligence to continuously bring in new programs and incentives to create a healthy work environment.  This team focuses on building a strong culture that is driven by eight ‘Plays,’ which are core values that make up the foundation of every department, meeting, product, and team member.

Work-Life Balance

At Billhighway, creating a healthy work-life balance is essential. Team Member Success uses innovative HR practices to ensure they hire all-stars, but even rock-stars need balance.

To accommodate, Team Member Success has worked to incorporate new practices into the team member handbook. This year, there was no shortage of new incentives from standing desks with ellipticals for extra steps to a new Family Flex Policy that lets parents returning to work from maternity/paternity leave ease back into office life by working from home several days per week.

They also introduced a policy in the summer that allows team members to only work four days per week at ten hours per day and then take Fridays off for an extended weekend. Not to mention bringing a massage therapist on-site several times per year, a chef to teach nutritional cooking recipes, hosting healthy eating workshops and exploring the world of essential oils and teas.

All of these suggestions came directly from team member feedback via an anonymous suggestion box. Allowing team members to have a real say in the policies is what their Play ‘No Suits, Just Innovation’ is all about.

Growing the Team From Within
Growing the Team from Within

Part of what makes Billhighway so special is the recognition that everyone there wants to learn and gain knowledge to grow personally and professionally. Recognizing this as an area of opportunity, Team Member Success created a successful Career Development and Mentor program. Anyone who signs up is paired with someone from within the company to continue to build and hone their skills for current and future roles.

In addition to the Billhighway Academy that mentors junior developers, there are certification programs focused on both the product and training. These programs were designed to improve Billhighway’s Play of ‘Customer Commitment 365’. The team recognized a need to address scalability and transfer knowledge from senior leaders to new team members, growing everyone along the way.

Creating Impact

Billhighway uses their vision of do more, impact more, grow more to help support local area non-profits. Impact is at the core of Billhighway’s Plays. The team supports this initiative through their charitable volunteer program. The charitable giving program provides team members with paid time off to volunteer for a cause that is near and dear to them.

The company even incorporates charity aspects into events and competitions, as well as bringing activities on-site where the entire team can get involved from packing seed packets for Keep Growing Detroit to creating hygiene kits for Common Group Sanctuary. They supported over 11 different charities in 2016, including the following:

  • Decorating a home for an underprivileged family
  • Walking and caring for shelter dogs and cats
  • Donating to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research
  • Collecting cereal boxes to support the local children’s hospital and Gleaners Food Bank
  • Building a house for a veteran through Habitat for Humanity

Brenda Gallick, Director of Team Member Success at Billhighway  said,

This award is a testament to our creative culture and the amazing team that we have built at Billhighway. Our secret sauce is our commitment to supporting our team members both professionally and personally. It is a true honor to be a five-time National Best and Brightest winner.

2016 Bike Building for Charity

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About The Best and Brightest Award

The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® competition identifies and honors organizations that display a commitment to excellence in operations and employee enrichment that lead to increased productivity and financial performance.

This competition scores potential winners based on regional data of company performance and a set standard across the nation.  This national program celebrates those companies that are making better business, creating richer lives, and building a stronger community as a whole.  There are numerous regional celebrations throughout the country.