Powered By Fun Culture - Cool Place to Work Award
We took the cake with a fourth win of Crain’s Cool Places to Work in Michigan, building on previous wins in 2011, 2012, and 2014.
Our Powered By Fun Culture Recognized By Crain’s As One Cool Place to Work

Our Powered By Fun Culture Recognized By Crain’s As One Cool Place to Work

We took the cake with a fourth win of Crain’s Cool Places to Work in Michigan, building on previous wins in 2011, 2012, and 2014.  This is our second workplace award this year, further validating that the innovative HR practices in place are working to build and maintain a fun and engaging culture.

Crain’s Cool Places to Work collaborates with the Best Companies Group, a Pennsylvania-based research facility, to gather data and conduct surveys on each organization.  The assessment is twofold: one part collects information from the employer on its perks and policies, while the other part surveys the actual employees.  The findings are weighted with seventy-five percent based on employee feedback and twenty-five percent based on employer response, then used to determine the overall organization rankings, which are divided into three categories based on organization size. Companies are subsequently given the results, so they can strive to improve any workplace weaknesses and build upon strengths.

This year, we ranked 19th in our category.

Retaining Talent

Attracting and retaining talent is a never-ending concern of companies everywhere.  That’s why we’ve upped the ante with our Team Member Success (Human Resources) team, which focuses on creating an environment that stimulates results by powering the team with HR programs and practices that are meaningful to them.  We believe strong communication and transparency is the key to a successful culture. Brenda Gallick, Director of Team Member Success at Billhighway says,

“We believe dialogue with our team members should be a two-way street. Therefore, we focus our time and efforts on finding out what our team members really care about. We work hard to nurture a positive, engaging workplace.”

To facilitate this, we’ve installed an anonymous suggestion box where team members can submit ideas for improvement.  A few of the cool things that we’ve implemented based upon team member feedback include Flex Fridays, where team members are allowed to work four ten-hour days and take Friday off in order to better enjoy the few short months of summer.

We also recently introduced a Family Flex Policy to make it easier for new parents to transition back into their position.  When hearing about the new policy, Michael Medonis, a Client Relations Consultant at Billhighway stated,

I am thrilled to have this flexibility with the upcoming addition to my family. It means a lot to me to work for a company that recognizes the value of work life balance and family life.

In addition, stand-up desks and posture balls were not only great suggestions, but helped to improve overall workplace wellness.

Passion for Doing Good

A shared passion for doing good and making a difference is a big part of what is important to Billhighway team members.  We take this to heart by providing paid time off to volunteer in the community, bringing volunteer projects on-site, and incorporating charitable giving in our everyday programs and events.  Incorporating a charitable aspect into our annual Billhighway Olympics competition (a team member favorite), allowed the winning team to choose a charity to which they could donate their first place cash prize.

Knowing that time is precious to our team members, we also bring local volunteer activities on-site, where the entire team can get involved.  Recently, we packed seeds for Keep Growing Detroit and hygiene kits for Common Group Sanctuary.  Every year, we host a Bring Your Kids to Work Day, where we work to inspire the same passion for doing good in the next generation.

BH Beer 30 Meeting

We not only understand the importance of keeping our team members happy, but also recognize the need for growth and development in their careers.  In response to that, Team Member Success went to work on developing the Billhighway Academy, a program that mentors junior developers and teaches them coding skills, as well as creating a career development and mentor program.

The program includes many different paths, ranging from improving technical expertise to learning leadership skills required for a new role.  In an effort to encompass our Customer Commitment 365 play (core value), we added a Training Certification Program that addresses our need for scalability and knowledge transfer. At Billhighway there is no shortage of benefits, making it one cool place to work.

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Billhighway, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, develops cloud-based automation software that makes financial management simpler for multi-entity organizations.  Since 1999, we’ve helped our clients free up internal resources and focus more time on their missions by increasing revenue, cash flow, and the bottom line.

Through a robust, rules-based engine that integrates payment processing, banking, and accounting with existing systems, Billhighway provides a transparent, holistic view of your organization’s finances so you can work smarter, not harder.  Billhighway is recognized for award-winning customer service and industry-leading data security.

Crain's Cool Places to Work

Crain’s Detroit Business distinguishes a special group of companies as a Cool Place To Work annually. The results are determined by the organization’s employees who give high-marks anonymously through an independently rated survey. The “Cool Places to Work in Michigan” project is a statewide program managed by Best Companies Group (BCG). The final rankings are announced in a special publication by Crain’s Detroit Business.