Show Your Volunteers the Love During #NVW

To kick off National Volunteer Week (#NVW), Mariner Management is sharing 20 cool ideas on how to say thanks to your volunteers.
Show Your Volunteers the Love During #NVW

Guest Post: Carol Blattau, Mariner Management


Spring is in the air … or is it still winter? Here in Maryland, we’re never quite sure. As the saying goes … if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.

Of course, this adage can be said just about everywhere, but one thing we can all be sure of is that while we may not be able to rely on the weather, we can certainly rely on our volunteers! And with National Volunteer Week (#NVW) just around the corner (April 17 – 23), there’s no better time to let them know how much we appreciate them!

So as a kick-off to #NVW, and as part of our 20th anniversary promise, here’s 20 cool ideas (divided into themes) on how to say thanks to your volunteers.


Thanking Volunteers Personally

1. Create a funny eCard or GIF thank you email: Some fun ideas include creating a JibJab eCard with your own CRP or HQ staff faces, a gif via GIPHY Cam, or a simple meme using a tool like MemeCenter. Send these to your volunteers randomly throughout the day. (Thanks to Rachel Bell of VolunteerPro for this idea and 9 others!)

2. Send handwritten thank you notes: If you have lots of volunteers, spread the work around by having each staff member to write a couple of thank you notes or send to chapter leaders to send out. Automate the process using Handwrytten (a robot holds an actual pen). Need help writing the perfect note? Check out these resources:

— How to Write the Perfect Volunteer Thank you

— Words to Thank Volunteers

— Volunteer Thank You Letter

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