The Silver Lining to Australia’s NSWTF Journey of Losing Payroll

In a time of drastic change in the labor space, isn’t it time we heard a story of hope? Join us as we sit down with John Dixon, General Secretary at New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF). He’ll tell his story of the challenges the organization faced when losing payroll deductions and how they overcame them. View Slides >>

Have you lost or are in the process of losing payroll deductions? The following are the learning objectives from John Dixon, General Secretary, at the NSW Teachers Federation on their journey of losing payroll deductions:

  1. Summarize Challenges: What happened in Australia to force changes in labor (Right-to-Work, loss of payroll, etc.)
  2. NSWTF Response: How did NSWTF respond to these unfavorable political moves?
  3. Impact on Members: How did losing collective bargaining and payroll deductions impact the culture and mindset of the organization?
  4. Advice: Words of wisdom for labor unions in the United States on losing payroll deductions.
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Kyle Bazzy is the former Growth Director at Billhighway. He is currently the Director and Co-Founder of Venture Catalysts, a ecosystem development group focusing on programming, funding, strategy and business for entrepreneurs.