The Billhighway Playbook

Everything we do grows from our playbook. If you cracked open Billhighway and took a look inside you’d find our core values running through every department, every meeting, every product, every team member.

Customer Commitment 365

The people we serve, whether customers or clients, are the reason we exist. They always come first. Our commitment is to meet the client’s needs and to WOW at every touch point. If they aren’t thrilled, neither are we.

Satisfaction: Never

We are a “gritty” group that believes there is always a better and faster way. We challenge each of our team members to find those corners of improvement or new ideas, ask for help and then get about the business of execution. Sheer will and determination drive us.

No Suits, Just Innovation

We don’t believe everyone should dress the same any more than we believe everyone should think the same. Our team members are free to express themselves both in what they wear and how they think at work. This is what drives innovation, and gives the word “productivity” a new meaning.

Leadership Expected

Every team member is empowered to lead and be accountable for their commitments and owning their decisions. Each person makes the tough decisions without agonizing or fear of failure. We take smart risks, learn what works and keep moving.

Results, Faster!

Results mean everything. What you do is more important than what you say you’re going to do. Continuously prioritize what brings value and purpose and apply an aggressive sense of urgency to things that matter.

Powered By Fun

Sure we work hard, but having fun changes our perspective and inspires creativity. More importantly, driving a sense of surprise and delight into our products can fundamentally transform our customer’s business as well. We believe the spirit of fun makes for a better workplace, a better business practice, and a better planet.


We understand that true significance is not related to money, unless money is leveraged with impact, scale, and a passion to do more good and help more people. This significance will help us radically change the industries we enter and the people and causes we find ways to help.

Play Fearless

Push the bounds and if you fall get back up and run even faster. Failure and innovation go hand in hand. Share what you learn so we can all get better. Never give up and don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Keep playing!