Multi-Chapter Solutions to Connect & Grow Your Entire Association.

Are your association chapters reaching their highest potential? Organization with multiple chapters are inherently complex, but they don’t have to be. See what chapter management software Billhighway offers.

Chapter Management

Got Chapters? Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution that increases ROI across multi-chapter organizations by providing technology tools to help individual chapters perform better. Our platform increases member engagement and provides component performance data to headquarters.

How it Works


Simplify Chapter Operations

Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution designed to maximize the value that components (chapters, sections, states, or affiliates) lend to your larger association. So how do we do that?

By automating and simplifying the administrative tasks that component leaders have to do, Billhighway frees up more of their time to focus on the things that make volunteers want to volunteer—like serving members and advancing your mission.


Monitor Chapter Performance

As your component leaders begin to use Billhighway, our system organically collects data about chapter members and performance as a whole.

Once that happens, you have a fuller view of your members, not just how they engage at the headquarters level, but also how they’re engaging throughout your entire multi-chapter ecosystem.


Engage More Members

Imagine how many more chapter members would renew if you could identify the ones that aren’t perceiving the value of membership. What if you could see individual activity, like who is participating in component programs, and who isn’t?

And, what if you could see that in real-time, and take action by putting together programs and reaching out to those non-engaged chapter members to get them interacting again? Maybe, you would be able to finally get ahead of retention instead of just looking at it in the rear-view mirror.

Real Customers. Real Results.

"Because these two systems work together, we can focus on making sure we have healthy chapters and happy volunteers.”

- Kristin Bailey, LPGA

Thanks to the powerful combination of Billhighway and Impexium software, members who volunteer to lead local chapters can spend their time building and educating their communities instead of dealing with laborious administrative and financial tasks.

Features & Benefits

Chapter Banking

A chapter management feature known as consolidated banking is completely unique to Billhighway. This aspect of our solution solves bank account signor issues that arise from chapter administrator turnover, reduces the need for chapters to have their own physical bank accounts, mitigates risk, and increases financial visibility across your entire organization.

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In-Person Payments

Collect funds anytime, anywhere. Billhighway Anywhere is a fully mobile, cashless payment processing solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. You’ll be armed with an easy, convenient way to accept in-person payments.

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Event Management

Maximize the success of chapter events by leveraging Billhighway Events. We seamlessly handle event registrations, automate the financial management of event revenue, and allow you to optimize registrant and attendee member data.

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Performance Metrics

Chapter performance can be very challenging to measure and evaluate without data. Billhighway aggregates data related to member engagement, events, financial status, and more, so organizations have a clear view of where to invest resources to help support chapters.

Upload & Store Documents

Chapter administrators can upload and store documents that are associated with financial transactions, as well as member profiles. This means receipts, vendor invoices, member agreements and more, can all be stored within the Billhighway system.

Chapter Websites

Build or provide dynamic websites for local chapters that are a breeze to update and maintain with plug-and-play templates. Create an organized, convenient space to keep members connected and involved.

Finances & Reporting

Billhighway makes financial planning and reporting easier than ever. Track your budget, financial transactions, generate reports to your specific needs and have visibility across your entire multi-chapter organization.

Join & Renew Process

Optimize membership growth and meet members where they are at by easily allowing them to join and renew at all levels of your organization. Give your local chapters the power to accept and file membership dues and membership renewals.

Payment Options

Members have multiple options for making payments, so they can do what works for them. Billhighway offers the option of credit/debit cards, ACH, traditional paper checks, or linked bank accounts.

Unify Systems

Assure a seamless integration with your existing membership management software and accounting programs. This means more accurate membership insights with less reliance on administrative work.


Automatically reconcile and move funds and data between National and chapters through a process that isn’t manual and time-consuming.

Connect & Share Data

Easily connect and share data between headquarters and chapters to make better decisions and prioritize the things that matter most.

What Our Clients Say...

  • “You are in the driver seat because you know and have access to everything and can review accounts anytime from anywhere. Your monies are safe. You control who has access, how much anyone has access to, and you can review accounts in real time. No more dependency on third party banks, their ridiculous fees, and fear of the unknown. Billhighway is a lot safer.”

    Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)
  • “As you can imagine, all that manual work is just a huge HQ time investment and opportunity for errors. Billhighway is easily saving us 120 to 160 staff hours a year on section rebates. The staff handling these administrative tasks now have better things they do with their time.”

    Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

AMS Partners

In order to bring holistic solutions to chapter-based associations, we work with our association management system (AMS) partners to deliver a system and tools that work for headquarters and for chapter administrators.

Our vision is to provide powerful solutions that help our clients improve the world.

Data security is a top priority for Billhighway and we are committed to protecting the information of your members.

Our team is dedicated to your staff, officers, volunteers, and members. We work with your multi-chapter organization to provide training and support.

20+ Years of Experience

After 20+ years of working with chapter-based organizations, we understand the unique characteristics and needs of the association market to deliver effective chapter management solutions.

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