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Got Chapters? Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution that increases ROI across your entire organization by providing technology tools to help chapters perform better, and member engagement and component performance data to headquarters.

Why not make life easier for your chapter leaders, while also gaining insight into operations, performance and member engagement?

Maximize Component Value

Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution designed to maximize the value components (chapters, sections, states, and affiliates) lend to your larger association. So how do we do that?

By automating and simplifying the administrative tasks that component leaders have to do, Billhighway frees up more of their time to focus on the things that make volunteers want to volunteer—like serving members and advancing your mission.

Create a Connected Component Ecosystem

The cool thing is that as your component leaders begin to use Billhighway, our system organically collects data about their members and performance as a whole.

Once that happens, you have a fuller view of your members, not just how they engage at the headquarters level, but also how they’re engaging throughout your entire component ecosystem.

Component Success = Your Association’s Success

Imagine how many more members would renew if you could identify the ones that aren’t perceiving the value of membership. What if you could see who is participating in component programs, and who isn’t?

And, what if you could see that in real-time, and take action by putting together programs and reaching out to those non-engaged chapter members to get them interacting again? Maybe, you would be able to finally get ahead of retention instead of just looking at it in the rear-view mirror.

Features & Benefits

Chapter Banking
Also known as consolidated banking, this aspect of our solution reduces the need for chapters to have their own physical bank accounts, mitigates risk and increases financial visibility across your organization.
Event Management
Maximize the success of chapter events by leveraging ePly, Billhighway’s integrated event solution partner. Together we seamlessly handle event registrations, automate the financial management of event revenue and allow you to optimize member and non-member data of registrants.
In-Person Payments
Collect funds anytime, Anywhere. Billhighway Anywhere is a fully-mobile, cashless solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. With Anywhere, your association and chapters are armed with an easy, convenient way to accept in-person member payments.
Upload & Store Documents
Chapter administrators can upload and store documents that are associated with financial transactions, as well as member profiles. This means receipts, vendor invoices, member agreements and more, can all be stored within the Billhighway system.
Customizable Chapter Websites
Build or provide dynamic chapter websites that are a breeze to update and maintain with plug-and-play templates. Create an organized, convenient space to keep members connected and involved.
Move Funds & Data
Automatically reconcile and move funds and data between National and chapters through a process that isn’t manual and time-consuming.
Financial & Member Reporting
Billhighway makes planning and reporting easier than ever. Track your budget, financial transactions, generate reports to your specific needs, and have visibility across your entire organization.
Join & Renewal Process
Optimize membership growth and meet members where they are at by easily allowing them to join and renew at all levels of your organization.
Connect & Share Member Data
Easily connect and share data between National and chapters to make better decisions and prioritize the things that matter most.
Transparency & Visibility
With Billhighway, your financial and member data is always up-to-date and accurate. Increase visibility across all chapters and access consolidated reporting, or drill down into individual chapters.
Payment Options
Members have multiple options for making payments, so they can do what works for them. Billhighway offers the option of credit/debit cards, ACH, traditional paper checks, or linked bank accounts.

Chapter-Focused Resources

Get access to a wealth of articles, webinars, guides, templates, and more created just for associations with chapters, sections, states, and affiliates.
The 2019 Chapter Benchmarking Report

The report was designed to gather industry data that helps associations benchmark their chapter programs against others. We also wanted to fuel the dialogue on what makes an effective chapter—and an effective chapter/association relationship.

2019 Benchmarking Report
Introducing the Volunteer Learning Journey—A Mutually Beneficial Chapter Volunteer Management Model
The volunteer learning journey helps you visualize volunteer and association needs and desires for each level of volunteering—from first-time volunteer to board member.
Mapping the Chapter Volunteer Competencies Needed Along the Volunteer Pathway
As members move along the volunteer pathway, they develop the skills and experience needed for the task at hand and can see what competencies they need to move to the next level of volunteering—the topic of this post.
How to Design a Chapter Volunteer Learning Journey That Empowers Your Members and Association
We explain how volunteer scenarios and training gap analysis can help you identify the type of content you need to develop and offer to prepare members for volunteering and leadership.
How to Start Building the Chapter Volunteer Learning Journey for Your Association and Chapters
The volunteer learning journey lifts and inspires members, and alleviates the stress of chapter leaders and staff who are constantly worrying about the leadership pipeline. It provides a framework for training members and developing their skills so they’re prepared to take the next step in their volunteer and leadership journey.


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After 20 years of working with chapter-based organizations, we understand the unique characteristics and needs of the association market.

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Register for webinars, chapter workshops and other educational events, such as the Association Component Exchange (CEX) conference.

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Partner Exchange

Our Partner Exchange platform allows us to easily integrate with your member management system, AMS, database and more, to make magic happen.

Billhighway Support Services
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Our team is dedicated to your staff, officers, volunteers and members. We work with your organization to provide training and support.

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