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Planning Chapter Events That Get Members Involved Again
Planning Chapter Events That Get Members Involved Again
Chapter events are a surefire way to get members engaged and excited about being a part of your organization. Plan them the right way to get them to show up post-pandemic!
7 Bad Chapter Habits & How to Break Them
7 Bad Chapter Habits & How to Break Them
When systems become outdated and ineffective, chapters fall into bad habits that inhibit their growth and endanger their future. From bad to good - here's 7 habit changes for chapter leaders.
The 5 Most Important Metrics for Your Components
Are you ready to make your components more successful this year? Then, join us for this exclusive webinar to help your chapters build better habits and measure five essential metrics. We cover what you should monitor to stay ahead of the game.
Helping Chapters Embrace Change
We need chapter leaders to make changes. This idea swap explores how we can use our current and future training opportunities to help chapters embrace change.
How to Increase Member Engagement Within a Multi-Chapter Organization
How to Increase Member Engagement Within a Multi-Chapter Organization
Have you noticed an increase or decrease in chapter member engagement? We’re here to break down the data on chapter performance.
Top 10 Takeaways for Chapter Based Associations
Top 10 Takeaways for Chapter Based Associations
Billhighway performance technology helps you to simplify the management of your chapter based organization. Easily manage events, finances, data, and more!
7 Reasons Associations, Chapters AND Members Love Auto-Renewal Membership Plans
7 Reasons Associations Love Auto-Renewal Membership Plans
Members already pay for monthly auto renewal subscription services — why not give them the option to pay for their association membership the same way?
4 Best Practices for Implementing New Technology
The 4 Best Practice Tips for Implementing Technology in your Organization
The 4 best practice technology tips for implementing solutions in your multi-chapter organization can help you address inefficiencies with impactful and long-lasting optimizations.
Association Management Software Integrations
Association Management Software Integrations
Billhighway was designed to integrate with your Association Management Software (AMS) to combine many chapter management activities into one platform.
Coaching Chapter Leaders for Success
Volunteers step up, take on chapter leadership roles, then step aside for the next set of leaders. So how do we ensure our volunteers have what they need?

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The 2022 Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Report
2022 Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Report
We gathered data for this report on chapter programs to serve as a resource for benchmarking, sharing innovations in chapter management, and starting conversations about the future of chapters.
3 Ways Data Improves Chapter Performance & Your Relationship With Components
3 Ways Data Improves Chapter Performance Guide
How do you prove the ROI of chapters? With the help of chapter member engagement data, you can make the business case for more HQ attention and investment in chapters.
2019 Benchmarking Report Mockup
2019 Chapter Benchmarking Report
Our second edition of the Chapter Benchmarking Report was designed to gather industry data that helps associations benchmark their chapter programs against others.
Chapter Banking Whitepaper Cover
Chapter Banking: A New Approach to Banking & Administration
Discover the advantages of chapter banking in your association and see how this transformative technology can benefit your chapters.
CEX Virtual eBook
CEX Virtual eBook | Equipping Your Chapter Leaders & Volunteers
The CEX Virtual eBook pinpoints crucial thoughts and ideas that bubbled up from chapter leaders and volunteers at CEX Virtual 2019.

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