Chapter Management Software Designed to Help You and Your Chapters Grow.

Got Chapters? Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution that increases ROI across your entire organization by providing technology tools to help chapters perform better; as well as delivering member engagement and component performance data to headquarters.

Solutions For Associations
Got Chapters? Billhighway gives multi-chapter trade and professional associations the tools to simplify operations and grow revenue while creating data visibility across your entire organization. Our suite of chapter management tools easily integrates with your AMS, membership management solution, member database, and more.
Solutions For Fraternal
Whether you're a national organization looking for an integrated financial solution to rollout to chapters, or a chapter officer looking to make billing and managing your chapter members easier, we've got options. Billhighway has been a leader in the Fraternity Management Software industry for over 2 decades.
Solutions For Labor Unions
If your labor union is currently being affected by or at risk of losing payroll deductions, PAC contributions, or Right to Work (For Less)—take back control with Billhighway's direct dues solution. Our direct dues solution provides your labor union the means to collect dues and contributions in a way like never before.

Why Choose Billhighway for Your Chapter Management Software Needs

After 20+ years of working with multi-chapter organizations (organizations that have chapters, sections, affiliates, divisions, etc. as part of their structure), we understand the unique challenges they face. We’ve seen first-hand that the right chapter management solution can help align your organization and your chapters. This alignment and access to chapter performance data have significant benefits to delivering membership value, which leads to a positive impact on retention, recruitment, and revenue.


Chapter Banking
A chapter management feature known as consolidated banking is completely unique to Billhighway. This aspect of our solution solves bank account signor issues that arise from chapter administrator turnover, reduces the need for chapters to have their own physical bank accounts, mitigates risk, and increases financial visibility across your entire organization.
Chapter Performance Metrics
Chapter performance can be very challenging to measure and evaluate without data. Billhighway aggregates data related to member engagement, events, financial status, and more, so organizations have a clear view of where to invest resources to help support chapters.
Move Funds & Data
Automatically reconcile and move funds and data between National and chapters through a process that isn't manual and time-consuming. Regardless of how data or funds move through your organization, our chapter management software can help.
Join & Renew Process
Optimize membership growth and meet members where they are at by easily allowing them to join and renew at all levels of your organization. Give your local chapters the power to accept and file membership dues and membership renewals.
In-Person Payments
Collect funds anytime, Anywhere. Billhighway Anywhere is a fully mobile, cashless payment processing solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. You'll be armed with an easy, convenient way to accept in-person payments.
Customizable Chapter Websites
Build or provide dynamic websites for local chapters that are a breeze to update and maintain with plug-and-play templates. Create an organized, convenient space to keep members connected and involved.
Financial Tools & Reporting
Billhighway makes financial planning and reporting easier than ever. Chapters are able to track budgets, access spend management tools, and generate reports. Chapter administrators also benefit from automated accounting to make their jobs easier.
Event Management
Maximize the success of chapter events by leveraging Billhighway's integrated event management system. We seamlessly handle event registrations, automate the financial management of event revenue, and allow you to optimize registrant and attendee member data.
Unify Systems
Assure a seamless integration with your existing membership management software and accounting programs. This means more accurate membership insights with less reliance on administrative work.

Association Management Software (AMS) Partners

Don’t be fooled, we’re not an AMS or membership database. However, our robust network of partners enables us to do what we do best. We easily integrate with your member management system, AMS, database and more, to gather and share chapter data and streamline operations for both chapter leaders and staff at National.

Chapter Management Tools

What chapter management tools does Billhighway provide? Billhighway’s suite of membership management tools provides multi-chapter organizations the support they need to better serve members and increase the ROI of their chapters, including:

  • Financial/accounting software for clubs and association chapters
  • Member management
  • Membership renewals
  • Chapter websites
  • Event management
  • In-person payment processing
  • Financial & member reporting
  • And more!

The Billhighway platform

It can be challenging to determine what solution will be the right fit for your unique organization’s needs. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, professional association, fraternal group, trade association, or any other membership-based entity, Billhighway has tools to simplify and optimize your workflow. Our platform integrates with the leading association or member management systems to offer you optimal performance and visibility.


Is Billhighway the right option for your membership organization? Let’s dive in! If the following questions apply to you, implementing chapter management tools can help to streamline your chapter operations and financial workflows.

Multi-chapter organizations can benefit from one, unified chapter (section, state, affiliate, etc.) management platform that provides the technology to automate burdensome management tasks for chapter administrators while simultaneously giving full visibility at the national level.

Simplify your chapter’s day-to-day operational processes and gain the insightful data you need to ensure chapters are delivering value to your members and generating revenue.
Your chapters play a key role in making a positive impact on the member experience and creating a community at the local level, but they need the right tools to make the magic happen.

Billhighway’s chapter management platform supports chapters so they can focus on members and your mission, all while providing headquarters with critical engagement data that turns member participation into measurable value. Track more data on fundraising efforts, help chapters collect membership dues, create and monitor event registration, and much more!
Billhighway is designed for a more deliberate, holistic approach to chapter management by fostering valuable collaboration between headquarters and your chapters. Leverage automated chapter workflows that streamline administrative operations and reporting across your entire organization, increasing chapter performance while still maintaining a harmonious relationship with your local chapters.

Allow valuable membership data to flow easily between the local and national levels while working in tandem with your preferred AMS system, membership management solution, or preferred database.
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

Billhighway has transformed how our chapters record and account for their member fees. Beta closed its books last year with chapters having collected almost 100% of member dues at the local level!

Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority

I chose to work with Billhighway because of the level of controls they offer us at an executive level. Moving to a system where the banking and accounting work together in such close integration we are now going to be able to oversee our chapters more efficiently.

Phi Mu

“In our almost decade-long experience, Billhighway has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to providing a quality product with outstanding customer service. The Client Support team always strives to ensure we receive timely, courteous responses with clear, concise solutions to any questions we present.”

Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)

“You are in the driver seat because you know and have access to everything and can review accounts anytime from anywhere. Your monies are safe. You control who has access, how much anyone has access to, and you can review accounts in real time. No more dependency on third party banks, their ridiculous fees, and fear of the unknown. Billhighway is a lot safer.”

Request a Demo

Whether you’re a current Billhighway client or looking to request a demo, we’re happy to accommodate. Our award-winning U.S.-based client support team provides fast, multi-tiered assistance for your organization’s staff, officers, leaders, and members.