Solutions For Associations
Got Chapters? Billhighway gives component-based associations the tools to simplify operations and grow revenue while creating data visibility across your entire component organization.
Solutions For Fraternal
Whether you’re a national organization looking for an integrated financial solution to roll-out to chapters, or a chapter officer looking to make billing and managing your members easier, we’ve got options.
Solutions For Labor Unions
If your labor union is currently being affected by or at risk of losing payroll deductions, PAC contributions, or Right to Work (For Less) – take back control with Billhighway’s direct dues solution.

Why choose us

After 20+ years of working with components (chapters, sections, affiliates, divisions, etc.), we understand the unique challenges that component-based organizations face. We’ve seen firsthand that aligning your organization and your chapters has significant benefit to delivering membership value, which leads to a positive impact on retention, recruitment and revenue.

Features & Benefits

Chapter Banking
Also known as consolidated banking, this aspect of our solution reduces the need for chapters to have their own physical bank accounts, mitigates risk and increases financial visibility across your organization.
Bill Members & Manage Payments
Make dues and other payments easy to manage. With Billhighway, you can invoice members in payment schedules that work for them and they can pay online or by mail.
Move Funds & Data
Automatically reconcile and move funds and data between National and chapters through a process that isn’t manual and time-consuming.
Join & Renewal Process
Optimize membership growth and meet members where they are at by easily allowing them to join and renew at all levels of your organization.
In-Person Payments
Collect funds anytime, Anywhere. Billhighway Anywhere is a fully-mobile, cashless solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. With Anywhere, your association and chapters are armed with an easy, convenient way to accept in-person member payments.
Payment Options
Members have multiple options for making payments, so they can do what works for them. Billhighway offers the option of credit/debit cards, ACH, traditional paper checks, or linked bank accounts.
Financial & Member Reporting
Billhighway makes planning and reporting easier than ever. Track your budget, financial transactions, generate reports to your specific needs, and have visibility across your entire organization.
Unify Systems
Assure a seamless integration with your existing membership and accounting programs. This means more accurate membership insights with less reliance on administrative work.

Partner Exchange

Don’t be fooled, we’re not an AMS or database. However, our robust network of partners enables us to do what we do best. We easily integrate with your member management system, AMS, database and more, to gather and share chapter data and streamline operations for both chapter leaders and staff at National.

Billhighway Anywhere

Anywhere is the latest addition to the Billhighway suite of technologies tailored to chapters on-the-go.

Billhighway Anywhere is a fully-mobile, cashless solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. Your members are on-the-go, shouldn’t your chapters be too?

Whether you’re a current Billhighway client or looking to request a demo, we’re happy to accommodate. Our award-winning U.S.-based client support teams provide fast, multi-tiered assistance for your organization’s staff, officers, leaders, and members.