Solutions For Headquarters
The Billhighway family of companies offers two different banking and financial models to headquarters clients depending on your preference. Both offer visibility and transparency, making it easy to monitor your overall health, while providing powerful financial management tools to your chapters.
Solutions For Chapters
If you’re a chapter officer looking for a solution to bill your members, manage your finances and just make things a little easier – our greekbill solution will be the right option for you! There’s no waiting to implement your solution. Choose today and use tomorrow!
Solutions For the Fraternal Community
Our Partner Network is powered by technology and service providers that work collectively to solve challenges in the fraternal industry and provide exceptional solutions for our clients to help them thrive and grow. Together, our options make your life easier today and in the future.

Solutions for the
Fraternal Community

Whether you’re a national organization looking for an integrated financial solution to roll-out to your chapters, a chapter officer looking to make billing and managing your members easier, or a partner looking to integrate with Billhighway, we’ve got solutions.

House Corporations

We help house corporations simplify and take control of their finances, leveraging a suite of tools configured to best fit their needs. We’ve been working with house corporations for over 10 years and have a proven track record of providing technology and support.


We have a turnkey fundraising  solution that encompasses crowdfunding, mobile access, lockbox, and recurring donations. Learn how you can implement elements of this solution that work for you, at your own pace. You don’t have to do it all to see a positive change.

Features & Benefits

Bill Members & Manage Payments
Make dues and other payments easy to manage. With Billhighway, you can invoice members in payment schedules that work for them and they can pay online, by phone or by mail.
Pay Chapter Expenses
Chapters can manage and pay all expenses in one place. Send payments for housing, events, vendor expenses and more – all from within Billhighway or write checks and use the Billhighway prepaid card for payments on the go.
House Corporations
Beyond chapters, we work with house corporations to help them simplify and take control of their finances, leveraging a suite of tools configured to best fit the needs of housing corporations.
Financial & Member Reporting
Billhighway makes planning and reporting easier than ever. Track your budget, financial transactions, generate reports to your specific needs, and have visibility across your entire organization.
Upload & Store Documents
Chapter administrators can upload and store documents that are associated with financial transactions, as well as member profiles. This means receipts, vendor invoices, member agreements and more, can all be stored within the Billhighway system.
Chapter Banking
Also known as consolidated banking, this aspect of our solution reduces the need for chapters to have their own physical bank accounts, mitigates risk and increases financial visibility across your organization.
In-Person Payments
Collect funds anytime, Anywhere. Billhighway Anywhere is a fully-mobile, cashless solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. With Anywhere, your chapters are armed with an easy, convenient way to accept in-person member payments.
Better Member Data
Billhighway integrates with your existing database, which means real-time rosters are always available to enable accurate billing and reporting for headquarters and chapters.
Payment Options
Members have multiple options for making payments, so they can do what works for them. Billhighway offers the option of credit/debit cards, ACH, traditional paper checks, or linked bank accounts.
Billhighway can help your fundraising efforts at each level of the organization by evaluating your fundraising needs and providing the right campaign solution, best tools and recommendations to engage your members.

20 Years of Experience

After 20 years of working with member-based organizations, we understand things are inherently more complex. We’re here for you, to understand your needs and configure a solution to unify and grow your organization.


20+ Years of Experience

After 20 years of working with chapter-based organizations, we understand the unique characteristics and needs of the fraternal market.

Business Chart Report Statistic Planning Analysis Concept
Partner Exchange

Our Partner Exchange platform allows us to easily integrate with your member management system, AMS, database and more, to make magic happen.

Billhighway Member Support
Multi-tiered Support

Our team is dedicated to your staff, officers, volunteers and members. We work with your organization to provide training and support.


Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

“Billhighway has transformed how our chapters record and account for their member fees. Beta closed its books last year with chapters having collected almost 100% of member dues at the local level!”

Phi Mu Fraternity

“In our almost decade-long experience, Billhighway has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to provide a quality product with outstanding customer service.”

Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority

“I chose to work with Billhighway because of the level of controls they offer us at an executive level. Moving to a system where the banking and accounting work together in such close integration we are now going to be able to oversee our chapters more efficiently.”

Request a Demo
Sometimes seeing is believing! We encourage headquarters and chapters to request a demo today! We’ll walk you through the finances, data, reporting, and more for your organization.