Collect funds anytime, Anywhere.

Anywhere is the latest addition to the Billhighway suite of technologies tailored to chapters on-the-go.

Meet anywhere

Billhighway Anywhere is a fully-mobile, cashless solution that lets your members and donors pay how they want. Your members are on-the-go, shouldn’t your chapters be too? Anywhere makes it easy to accept the following payment types:

Member payments

With a quick member search, Anywhere integrates with your members’ Billhighway accounts, allowing easy access to pay for merchandise or outstanding balances. This includes chapter events, meetings, or whenever it’s top of mind.


Set up fundraising campaigns through Anywhere to accept donations for your cause at your organized event, during meetings, and everywhere in between.

Mobile Deposits

With the Anywhere application, your chapters can save time by securely scanning checks and submitting deposits right to their chapter’s Billhighway account.

Contact Payment

With a quick contact search, Anywhere integrates with your contacts’ Billhighway invoices, allowing easy access to pay for sponsorships or other outstanding balances.

Anywhere Features & Benefits

In-Person Payments
Anywhere is a mobile application and card reader that enables your chapters to accept in-person member and contact payments, collect donations and submit mobile deposits.
Bluetooth Enabled
The Anywhere card reader is hassle-free with Bluetooth connectivity enabled for your mobile device.
Create easily trackable campaigns that allow for focused fundraising efforts.
An integrated solution reduces the risk of tax liability from unreported income and lets chapters utilize meaningful data from their Billhighway reports.
Data & Payment Security
Payee credit card information is encrypted and transferred securely between the Anywhere app and Billhighway. No credit card information is stored on the device used to access the Anywhere app. As required by law, Billhighway is PCI-DSS compliant.
Payment Type Flexibility
Payment Type Flexibility Anywhere accepts MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, and AMEX® credit card transactions.
Configuration Control
Set Anywhere access based on your organization’s existing permissions in the Billhighway system. Customize the types of payments that chapters can accept based on your organization’s preferences.
Software Compatibility
The Anywhere card reader and mobile application come ready to connect and download onto iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Unified with one system

As an integrated solution, Anywhere securely transfers funds to a chapter’s Billhighway account in minutes, ensuring any subsequent spend falls within your organization’s permissions.

With Anywhere, your organization can rest easy knowing chapters can provide a secure, enhanced member and donor experience.

Simplified setup

Billhighway Anywhere has a user-friendly interface and intuitive card reader that lets your chapters get started right away with minimal training.

In just a few steps, the Anywhere system is up and running. Simply get your card reader, download the Anywhere mobile application and pair the devices. Follow the Anywhere app’s intuitive mobile screens and prompts to get started.

Introduce Anywhere to Your Chapters

Getting started is simple and as always, we are here to help! Contact your Billhighway Consultant to learn more or fill out the form below.