Chi Phi to Streamline Chapter Management With ChapterSpot & Billhighway’s Greekbill Platform

Billhighway | greekbill, an industry-leading financial services duo dedicated to multi-chapter organizations, are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Chi Phi Fraternity (Chi Phi). Chi Phi will optimize chapter financial and member-management workflows with the seamless integration of Billhighway’s greekbill financial platform and ChapterSpot’s innovative database technology.

Chi Phi Fraternity, a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity, serves more than 2,400 members across 48 chapters. Driven by their core values, the fraternity creates the opportunity for men to become Brothers through lifelong friendship, leadership opportunities, and character development. Brothers emerge from their college experience as leaders with the sensitivity, determination, and skill to take on life’s challenges.

“Chi Phi prides itself on providing fulfilling, worthwhile leadership opportunities so our members can better themselves through service to others,” said Chi Phi Executive Director, Michael Azarian. “By partnering with Billhighway | greekbill and ChapterSpot, we are ensuring our leaders have technology and resources designed to simplify their day-to-day, so they can focus on making a difference in their chapter, university, and the broader community.”

“By partnering with Billhighway|greekbill and ChapterSpot, we are ensuring our leaders have technology and resources designed to simplify their day-to-day, so they can focus on making a difference in their chapter, university, and the broader community.”

Michael Azarian
Chi Phi Executive Director

Leveraging the collaborative integration of Billhighway’s greekbill financial-management platform and ChapterSpot’s foundational database technology, multi-chapter organizations can transform the chapter experience for chapter leaders, volunteers and members. Powered by the world’s most powerful CRM, Salesforce, ChapterSpot combines their full-scale database automation with greekbill’s comprehensive suite of financial technologies to solve for the complexities of multi-chapter organizations.

“We are honored to partner with Chi Phi and support their mission by simplifying financial processes and maximizing operational efficiencies,” said Billhighway | greekbill CEO, Tom Bomberski. “We are passionate about collaborating with our industry partners to provide the fraternal community with forward-thinking, strategic solutions that relieve the administrative burden for chapter leaders and strengthen the experience for members.”

Billhighway | greekbill brings decades of experience in serving chapter-based organizations and solving the unique data and financial challenges that chapter leaders, volunteers and members face.


In 2018, Billhighway and greekbill joined forces in order to provide more options to fraternities and sororities. We are unified in our mission of simplifying finances and developing innovative solutions to support the fraternal industry and our clients’ vision for the future.


For the past 20 years, Billhighway has provided “best in industry” technology to help fraternal organizations simplify and take control of chapter finances. Our partner-centric approach offers clients flexible solutions to meet challenges and achieve results that help them thrive and grow. Billhighway has partnered with 20+ inter/national fraternal organizations to streamline accounting, increase cash flow, and reduce expenses so they can focus on what’s important, their members.


Greekbill has provided financial solutions to fraternal organizations for over 20 years. Our flexible and newly re-designed platform focuses on budgeting, billing, and payment processing for fraternities and sororities. Greekbill enables individual chapters and house corporations as well as inter/national organizations to streamline financial operations.


Founded in 1824, Chi Phi is on a mission to build better men through lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development.

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