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Streamline your chapter’s events and financial transactions effortlessly with our comprehensive toolkit. Say hello to maximizing the success of your chapter’s events.

Create An Eventful Experience

Create Memorable Events

With our user-friendly event builder, hosting a successful event has never been easier. From creating captivating event pages and tracking RSVPs to capping ticket sales and offering early-bird pricing, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Achieve Complete Financial Transparency

Experience the seamless transfer of your event revenue to your chapter’s Billhighway account, effortlessly reconciling all charges. Gain visibility into your chapter’s complete finances without additional effort.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Automation

Let event revenue settle seamlessly into your chapter’s Billhighway account, as our system automatically reconciles and posts each transaction to the appropriate chart of accounts. Take the worry out of financial management with automation.

The Power of Actionable Data

Effortlessly manage your event revenue alongside other important financials within your chapter’s Billhighway account. By consolidating all financial data in one centralized location, Billhighway empowers you to utilize our robust tools, budget planning features, and comprehensive financial reporting to make precise, data-driven decisions.

Simplify event management

Rather than using event ticketing websites and email marketing services, accomplish your event goals in one place. Transform your event into an engaging experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

Build an attractive event page that reflects your chapter’s brand with our extensive design options. Engage and captivate your invitees by sharing enticing photos and videos, ensuring your event promotions make a lasting impression. Save time by duplicating templates for recurring events, maintaining branding consistency effortlessly.

Event Management

Launch successful events effortlessly, regardless of the occasion. Collect payments, registrations, and RSVPs quickly and easily, utilizing a synchronized set of tools within our platform. Take advantage of variable ticket pricing based on member status and sell additional items to maximize revenue potential.

Connect With Supporters

Extend your reach beyond your immediate circle by reaching out to members and non-members. Keep your supporters in the loop by sharing event updates via email, group text, and social media directly from our platform. Seamlessly target members based on platform data, such as previous attendees or those who haven’t RSVP’d, to enhance engagement.

Operational Visibility

Streamline administrative tasks and gain actionable insights with Billhighway Events. Stay on top of event success with detailed custom reporting, real-time RSVP headcounts, and comprehensive email invite metrics. Collect essential information from invitees, such as menu selections or special seating accommodations, to ensure seamless event planning.

Billhighway Events

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Bilhighway Events and memberplanet?

Memberplanet is an event management software company that Billhighway has partnered with to provide you with a robust event solution. You will use memberplanet to create event registrations. Registrations from memberplanet will be processed directly into your Billhighway account.

How do I access my memberplanet account?

You should have received an email with instructions on how to activate your account. If you cannot find your email, click the link here to activate your account.  If you have already activated your account, click here to log back in.

The link to activate my account is not working, what do I do?

If you are having issues activating your memberplanet account, please reach out to Billhighway Client Support. You can email the Client Support Team at [email protected] or call 866-245-5499 Monday – Friday from 9am – 7pm EST.

Are there training videos on how to use memberplanet?

You can access the recorded live training on your Billhighway training homepage under Resources to review how to use memberplanet.

What is the fee to use memberplanet?

If you are having a free event, there is no fee to use memberplanet. If you are charging a fee for an event, the fee to use memberplanet can be found on your Billhighway training homepage under Resources > Pricing Overview.

How do I pass the fee along to the person registering?

You have the ability to pass along cost of the registration fee along to the user registering. You cannot pass the processing fee on, however. To have the person registering pay the fee, you will set that up in the event. Please refer to the Pricing Overview on your Billhighway training homepage for pricing details.

Can I create a free event?

Yes. You can create a free event in memberplanet and there are no fees to do so.

Where can I see what COA (Chart of Account) the event is going towards or what COA the fee’s are hitting?

The revenue COA that the income will be coded to depends on what is selected when a campaign is setup in Billhighway. Each campaign is tied directly to a revenue COA. The transaction fees are all coded to a specific expense COA which is outlined on your Chart of Account List. You can review all of your COA’s on your Resource Center under Resources. The document is called Chart of Account List.

I created an event, how do I share it with my members?

You can email the event details and registration link that will be created, post it online, Chapter Webpage, or on social media.

Can I customize the URL for the event?

You can customize part of the URL, it will be the end part of it that you can change. This will be done at the top of the event page.

Can I collect other information in my event, like meal type request or T-shirt size?

Yes, you can ask specific questions during the registration process to be collected when someone is registering.

What types of payments are accepted?

Credit card payments are the only form of payment accepted at this time for registration forms in memberplanet.   

When will my group receive the funds?

When a user completes and submits their registration form, and it requires payment, you will see the funds appear in your group’s Billhighway account. The funds will initially appear in the In-Transit account until they have settled, which is about 2-3 business days. Then, the funds move automatically into your Operating Account or other designated cash account where they are available and you can use the funds via one of your spend management tools under Cash Out. 

Can I add another user to our group’s memberplanet account?

Yes, to add a new user, follow these steps when logged into your memberplanet account:  

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Admins 
  2. Select the gear icon for the role you’d like to assign or edit 
  3. Click Add This Role to Members from the dropdown menu 
  4. Select the checkbox next to the member(s) you want to assign the role to 
  5. Click Assign Role to Selected Members at the bottom right 
  6. On the View Leaders page you will be redirected to, you will need to send the activation email to the admin(s) you have assigned. The admin(s) will need to access this email to claim and activate their administrative account. 
  7. Click the Send Activation Email button for the admin(s) you wish to activate 
  8. An onscreen notification will appear to confirm that the email has been sent. Close the notification to return to the View Leaders page.

Will other members of my group have access to the events that I create?

Yes. By default, when your account was created and any others for your group, the roles and access were the same so they will be able to collaborate with you on your events. If you create a new user or edit the access of an existing user, this could change if they have access to edit any forms.

Can I create different pricing based on dates, for example an early bird fee?

Yes. You can create different open and end dates to determine when tickets are available and which for which prices.

Do the registrants receive confirmation emails?

Yes, anyone who registers for an event – both free and paid – will receive a confirmation email. There is also a calendar link for the registrant to add it to their calendar from the confirmation email.

Can I create a discount code?

Yes, you can create discount codes. You can create a percentage off code or a flat dollar off code. You can also the usage of the code- one time or multiple uses.

Can I cancel and/or refund a registration?

Yes, you can cancel a registration and you can refund registrations.   The payment has to be fully settled in Billhighway before you can submit the refund in memberplanet.   

A user can also cancel their own registration. There is no option for removing the cancel option by a certain date. It is recommended to add into the event description a cutoff date for any potential cancellations. 

Can I register for someone?

Yes, you can fill out the form on a person’s behalf to register them.

Can I register a group at once?

Yes, you can register more than one person at a time. During the checkout process you will select the quantity.

Where can I find a list of who registered and paid?

You have access to a variety of reports in memberplanet. You can use the registration report to get a list of everyone who is registered or who is listed as a maybe.

Can an attendee pay at the door?

Yes, attendees have the ability to pay at the door of your event. Memberplanet registration forms are mobile friendly so users can arrive at your event and still sign up to attend.    

You could also use the Anywhere app to process attendees who walk up at the event. They would not register via memberplanet, but you would set up a campaign that is linked to the event so you have the details of the person within Billhighway for records. If someone wants to pay with a check at the door, you would use Anywhere remote check capture to process that payment. If you have the card reader device, you can also process card payments for at the door registrants.

Can non-members sign up for an event?

Yes, and you can charge a different rate for members vs. non. Members. The members of your group will be imported into memberplanet so that there will be a way to know if they are a member or not to pay a different rate. The member import will be coming in a couple of weeks.

Can this integrate with my webinar software?

At the moment, there is no integration with any webinar software.

How do I get the registration link/webinar details for an online event out and how do I see who attended?

You can add the webinar/meeting details or registration link within the confirmation email so anyone who registers gets the details on how to register and attend – if you require registration in your webinar tool. You can then check your webinar tool for attendance information after the event.

How to do check-in process?

For in person events, you will use the registration report to check off who attends. You can also print this report off and use it at the door if needed. The attendee will need to print off their ticket or show you on their phone/tablet.  

In phase 2, there will be a barcode on the tickets and the attendee will be able to show this on their phone/tablet and you will be able to scan the barcode for check-in.

Can I copy a past event to create a new event?

Yes, you can easily copy an old event for a quick new event.

Can memberplanet email out my contacts the registration link?

At this time, you cannot add contacts to memberplanet to send out emails about your registrations or events.

I have more questions about memberplanet and/or my Billhighway account. Who should I contact?

If you have any other questions, please reach out to the Billhighway Client Support Team. You can email the Client Support Team at [email protected] or call 866-245-5499 Monday – Friday from 9am – 7pm EST.

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