How One Fraternity Collected Almost 100% of Its Member Dues
With a lack of chapter visibility and mismanagement of funds, Beta Theta Pi was in urgent need of an all-encompassing management solution.
The Problem

Beta Theta Pi needed a partner who could manage the process of billing over 10,000 collegiate members, on top of invoicing and payment processing, recording and tracking payment data.

Beta Theta Pi faced three primary challenges in areas of finance and member dues collection:

  • There was no consistent system for tracking member payments and data.
  • They had a lack of visibility of chapter finances as a whole.
  • A mismanagement of funds meant they were at an increased risk of fraud.

The Solution

Beta Theta Pi partnered with Billhighway in 2011 to consolidate their accounting, banking and payment processing into one system for complete visibility across all chapters.

One System
The partnership provided Beta Theta Pi the means to connect with their member database, automate dues billing to increase collection rates, and streamline operations.
Mitigate Risk
Beta Theta Pi is now able to accurately tracking all incoming and outgoing funds and mitigating the risk of fraud through financial controls.
Strategic Planning
The Billhighway system provides Beta Theta Pi with accurate reporting for tax purposes, standardized processes, and the ability to make long-term strategic decisions.
Collect Dues
Implementing the Billhighway solution resulted in Beta Theta Pi’s collecting almost 100% of member dues at the local level.
The Results

After onboarding to the Billhighway solution, Beta Theta Pi chapters saw amazing results! These were the percentages of Beta chapters leveraging an effective financial management tool.

First Onboarded in 2011
5 Years Using the Solution
Overall Collection Rate

“Billhighway has transformed how our chapters record and account for their member fees. Beta closed its books last year with chapters having collected almost 100% of member dues at the local level!”

Joe Budde, Former Director of Business Operations, Beta Theta Pi

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