Crowd Change

About Crowd Change

CrowdChange is a robust online fundraising platform built specifically for Greek life philanthropy. CrowdChange provides organizations with a custom branded site where chapters can host philanthropy events as well as virtual/online campaigns. CrowdChange has partnered with more than 55 national organizations and their simple, user-friendly solution addresses all chapter, alumnae and Foundation fundraising needs.

Our Integration

Billhighway has integrated with CrowdChange to provide a seamless solution for chapter fundraising, while providing transparency and oversight for the national organization.


For chapters, CrowdChange built their full suite of fundraising tools based on feedback from chapters. Chapters on CrowdChange have raised +235% more money and 93% of students say they would recommend the platform. To simplify collection of funds, all funds are automatically deposited into the chapter Billhighway account providing an end-to-end solution that exceeds their needs.


For Headquarters and Foundations, CrowdChange provides accurate reporting and oversight for chapter philanthropy events to make sure your brand is properly represented. Your organization will know about chapter events prior to their launch and CrowdChange’s Billhighway integration eliminates risk surrounding fund collection by allowing your team to monitor all funds collected and ensuring that all funds raised flow into chapter bank accounts, not personal accounts. CrowdChange can also offer a dashboard view of all fundraisers to show the positive impact your chapters have on their communities.

Request a Demo

Sometimes seeing is believing! We encourage headquarters and chapters to request a demo today! We’ll walk you through the finances, data, reporting, and more for your organization.