SWE Strengthens Its Support of Global & Domestic Components With Billhighway

Uncover how SWE transformed its operations and empowered its global network using the revolutionary power of Billhighway.

The Association

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

For much of its 70-year history, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has been a U.S.-based organization. But ten years ago, SWE started attracting members outside the U.S. In the last five to six years, the number of its global components (affiliates) has grown immensely. SWE now has 300 collegiate member sections, 100 professional member sections, and 100 global affiliates in 30+ countries!

The Problem

SWE Needed to Improve Affiliate Operations Outside the U.S.

Affiliates were not authorized to open bank accounts

Receiving funds from HQ was a lengthy and expensive process

Global rebates require following a different procedure for each country

The Approach

Give Components All the Tools They Need to Grow & Prosper

After researching solutions, SWE’s chief financial officer and chief executive officer presented Billhighway to their board as a solution that would completely revolutionize the way SWE served members globally and fueled international growth.

  • “Our global affiliates were the impetus behind our search, but we quickly learned that Billhighway was also the ideal solution for several challenges we were having with our domestic sections too. The Billhighway solution helps us all work smarter, not harder and accelerates the value-add our sections deliver to our membership.”

    Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • “You don’t have to be a finance whiz to use the system effectively. With simple training, a lot of the barriers towards solid financial management are reduced.”

    Honna George
    Deputy Executive Director at SWE
  • “As you can imagine, all that manual work is just a huge HQ time investment and opportunity for errors. Billhighway is easily saving us 120 to 160 staff hours a year on section rebates. The staff handling these administrative tasks now have better things they do with their time.”

    Karen Horting, CAE
    Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer at SWE
The Solution

SWE Saves Hundred of Hours of Staff Time & Reduces Administrative Burden

Provide Financial Tools

Affiliates and sections use Billhighway to receive financial transactions directly and quickly from HQ. They also rely on it to pay bills, manage invoicing, and deposit revenue.

Gain Fiscal Control

Compliance with segregation of fiduciary duties is enforced by the Billhighway software. The risk of volunteer error or fraud—both unintentional and intentional—is greatly reduced.

Empower Leadership

With Billhighway, it’s easier for section and affiliate volunteer leaders to track member and membership information, reconcile financial accounts, and generate budget and financial reports.

Increase Transparency

Billhighway provides more financial transparency for HQ, but also gives volunteer leaders more control. Leaders can do things themselves now without needing HQ’s intervention, like accepting sponsorship payments.

Easily Disburse Funds

Affiliates no longer have to ask the sponsoring company to wire the funds to HQ and then wait for SWE to disburse the funds back to the affiliate. They can manage it on their own, which helps them build local partner relationships.

Focus on the Mission

Thanks to Billhighway, SWE section and affiliate leaders have more time to work on events and other member engagement activities. They can focus on the mission, not the backend.

Download the SWE Case Study

Billhighway helps associations manage their components in the U.S. and around the world. Download the full SWE Case Study to learn how Billhighway can help you enhance component relations, operations, and performance.

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