Billhighway Helps the U.S. Bartenders Guild and Its Chapters Recruit Volunteer Leaders in a Tough Market

Chapters are able to recruit and hold on to volunteer leaders because the job is easier. The Billhighway platform eliminates any artificial and unnecessary barriers for USBG.

The Association

U.S. Bartenders Guild (USBG)

USBG chapters have always had a hard time recruiting treasurers. With Billhighway, chapters are able to recruit and hold on to volunteer leaders because the job is easier. The platform eliminates any artificial and unnecessary barriers, and the Billhighway onboarding team shows new leadership teams how to use the software.

The Goals

Recruit Volunteer Leaders Post Pandemic

Simplify the transfer of leadership responsibilities

Help chapters deliver more value to members

Increase trust and transparency

Nurture member / customer leads and relationships

Demonstrate HQ’s support for chapters

  • “Our chapters are also happy about having an event solution that’s internally owned and supported, and integrated into their banking and membership solutions.”

    Aaron Gregory Smith, CAE
    Executive Director at the U.S. Bartenders Guild (USBG)
The Solution

An Integrated Banking, Event & Membership Solution

Chapter Event Solution

USBG chapters are saying good riddance to Eventbrite, which recently raised its fees dramatically. With Billhighway as their event registration system, chapters can now collect non-member registrations for events.

Leadership Transitions

Billhighway helps USBG solve a major challenge with chapter leadership transitions. Transferring responsibility for bank accounts simplifies banking for volunteers.

Trust & Transparency

Mistrust is an issue for people who work in the hospitality industry, but with the Billhighway solution, financial information is transparent. Billhighway is an exceptional tool for chapter leaders to quickly produce financial statements for members.

Download the USBG Case Study

Billhighway helps the U.S. Bartenders Guild .recruit volunteer leaders. Download the full USBG Case Study to learn how Billhighway can help you enhance component relations, operations, and performance.

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