How Billhighway Helps LPGA Amateur Golf Association Strengthen Chapter Performance

LPGA volunteer leaders use Billhighway as a one-stop shop to manage everything related to chapter management. From member rosters and membership reporting to banking and finances, chapters do it all with Billhighway.

The Association

LPGA Amateur Golf Association

Billhighway helps LPGA chapter leaders stay focused on growth. They can look at their financial data very easily with full transparency as a team. No more setting up PayPal accounts and reconciling bank statements. Billhighway makes the chapter treasurer’s job a breeze.

The Goals

Offer a Secure Banking & Event Solution

Easily assess a chapter’s financial health

Help chapters recruit volunteer leaders

Save hours of HQ staff time every month

Demonstrate support for chapter leaders

Improve the HQ & chapter relationship

  • “We wanted to eliminate our leaders’ administrative burden because these ladies want to get out there and have fun on the golf course. Since Billhighway is so user-friendly, it has a positive impact on the chapter leadership experience. It makes it much easier for chapters to find treasurers and frees up time to focus on better serving members.”

    Kristin Bailey
    Senior Manager, Chapter Development
The Solution

Accessing LPGA Chapter Financial Health

Chapter Banking Solution

Chapter leaders use Billhighway like a local bank. They love receiving funds and real-time financial reports much quicker than before. Plus, they get access to budgeting tools, P&L, prepaid cards, and sponsorship invoicing and payments.

Processing Chapter Dues

Before implementing Billhighway, processing dues rebates for 132 chapters involved a lot of work. Staff had to confirm local bank account information, calculate what they owed each chapter, and send money to each of them, one by one.

Golf Genius Integration

LPGA chapters love the Billhighway integration with Golf Genius. Registration data and payments captured by Golf Genius go right into Billhighway.

Download the LPGA Case Study

Billhighway helps both LPGA and chapter leaders understand the financial health of their chapters. Download the full LPGA Case Study to learn how Billhighway can help you enhance component relations, operations, and performance.

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