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Challenges Facing Organizations

How it Works

Unite With One System

Just as any good Greek brother or sister knows, we are stronger when we’re united. With Billhighway, your organization will benefit from having one central process in which all chapters are managing their finances.

Having one system gives individual flexibility chapters want and allows the organization time to invest in developing best practices, optimizing technologies to support members, causes and member-centric programs.

How it Works

Save Time & Resources

Spend less time agonizing over how your chapters are performing, and more time focusing your efforts on value-add member experiences.

With Billhighway, reporting is updated automatically, transactions are reconciled and the need for double entry is eliminated. Our automation streamlines dues billing and accounting entries so that you don’t need a CPA to ensure sound financials.

How it Works

Lean On Your Valued Partner

Standardized processes and accurate data and reporting come standard with Billhighway. Our relationship with our clients is not one of a vendor, but rather a partner – as demonstrated by our 96% customer loyalty rate!

How it Works

Eliminate Manual Chaos & Confusion

Chapter officers change each year. This means your chapters are required to bring someone new up-to-speed and learn the process each and every year.

Enlist Billhighway and say goodbye to the chaos and confusion of manual financial management and a lack of visibility into your chapter’s financials. You can rest assured knowing your chapters are being taken care of, using a reliable system that is, best of all, approved by YOU!

Do More. Impact More. Grow More.

Increased Revenue

Simplifying the billing, collection and expense management processes with your chapters will help ensure payment consistency, which increases revenue. The real question is, what great things can you do for your members and alumni with those extra funds?


The broad variances in your chapters’ sizes and members has likely taught you that one size does not fit all. The same goes for your chapters’ finances. Billhighway provides the ability to configure the system to best fit the unique needs of your chapters.

House Corporations

Beyond chapters, we work with house corporations to help them simplify and take control of their finances, leveraging a suite of tools configured to best fit the needs of housing corporations. This allows advisors and housing boards to focus more time on the most important things, like in-house member experience.

Payments Collection

Our system collects fraternal dues and fees with multiple payment options, which allows members to have a consistent and easy-to-use means of submitting their payment. In fact,our clients benefit from average collection rates of over 98%.

Better Member Data

No more waiting for chapters to update member information in your database AND Billhighway. Billhighway integrates with your existing database, which means real-time rosters are always available to enable accurate billing and reporting for headquarters and chapters.

Transparency & Visibility

With Billhighway, your financial and member data is always up-to-date and accurate. Increase visibility across all chapters and access consolidated reporting, or drill down into individual chapters. You have the information at your fingertips!

We've Got Your Back


What would happen if your member data was compromised? How would that impact your reputation, and would members trust you again? You can’t afford to lose money through identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Billhighway is PCI Level 1 Compliant and keeps your data and dollars secure so you don’t have to lose sleep over potential non-compliance anywhere within your organization.


We've Got Your Back


Our multiple-award-winning U.S.-based Client Care team provides fast, multi-tiered support for you, including a Client Relations team that works with National staff support and a Client Care team that supports your organization’s officers, leaders and members. We also provide 24/7 access to online resources and tools to support chapter officers and members.


We've Got Your Back


Once implemented, our specialists provide training to your local administrators and National to ensure they are comfortable with the platform and can easily navigate the system. From the first conversation through implementation and beyond, we’re focused on providing you the assistance you need, when you need it.


Request a Demo

Sometimes seeing is believing. We encourage headquarters to request a demo today, where we’ll walk you through the finances, data and more while we discuss your chapters’ current situations.