Part 4: Leave a lasting legacy through crowdfunding

What is your long-term crowdfunding goal? One of crowdfunding’s largest benefits is its ability to make an impact with few barriers.
Leave a lasting legacy through crowdfunding

Setting your chapters up with the right tools will keep their fundraising strong for years to come. 

Crowdfunding has proved itself as much more than just a buzzword. It’s no secret that technology is constantly changing, but that is no reason to shy away from what works. Donors have welcomed online giving and now you are starting your chapters down the path to a solution that will capture data and dollars for the long-term. 

In this series, we’ve covered the nitty-gritty of making sure you have the right pieces in place to kick-off your own crowdfunding engine. 

There are two ways you can keep youchapter’s continued success at the forefront of your decision-making:

Gather vital donor data. 

Have a plan in place to capture and securely store critical donor data. Each donation will bring new information that you can learn from. You may not have a roadmap on exactly what you plan to gain from the data, but you do not want to miss the chance to gather it for future use. Data can answer important questions like:

  • Who engages with our campaigns?
  • What communication channels are most successful? 
  • When are we getting the most engagement? 
  • How much and how frequent are our donors giving?

Learnings from these types of questions can allow you to better connect and motivate supporters. You can streamline your marketing approach or broaden it based on what you find. Drilling down into the data can uncover your supporters and help you recognize whose missingThe opportunity to utilize the data will present itself and you can rest assured that you had a strategy to capture if from the beginning. 

 Meet your donors where they are. 

Crowdfunding uses technology and social networks to break down the barriers of traditional in-person or event based fundraising. Embracing alternative fundraising tools shows donors and chapters that you are willing to meet them where they are. Online giving allows for virtual connection and gives donors the freedom to make contributions on their own time for the amounts that makes sense for them. Every donor has individual routines, preferences and giving capacity. If they have a positive giving experience, there is a good chance they will be back (and maybe even hit the ‘share’ button). You’ve now opened the door to a relationship of giving in the future and crowdfunding makes that even more accessible.  

Instead of sticking to one strategy that may have worked in the past, you are embracing the enthusiasm of a new generation of supportersCrowdfunding is a powerful tool that allows for telling engaging stories. Donors will be left with a sense of goodwill that will steward them into future campaigns. Building your own crowdfunding engine can facilitate a streamlined solution for your chapters, removing the obstacles so they can focus on making a difference for years to come.