Proven Tech Solutions That You Can Implement This Year

The word implementation doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with the word quick. However, global tech companies have the teams and technology in place to make their solutions easy to get up and running. There are solutions you can implement in the next year that will have an impact on your organization and members for years to come.

In our last post, we discussed the benefits that a universal tech solution can bring to both your members and your organization. Your members will be able to transition from college to the workplace with valuable experience under their belt. And your organization will see the benefits of advancements in technology and security that come organically with tech solutions who have teams dedicated to evolving quickly.



When evaluating what solution is right for your organization, you will likely start by comparing industry-level solutions versus a larger universal solution. It’s no surprise that industry solutions float to the top with promises of customization and add-on features.

Save time by leveraging tools that are already expertly designed for optimizing communication, regardless of organization size. Keep in mind that these companies have dedicated teams ready to work with you on support or troubleshooting.



The partnership between Slack and Zoom combines collaboration and communication tools for one simple workflow. Slack is a business communication platform that uses channels, organized by topic, to facilitate teamwork. Zoom brings their leading video communications platform for online meetings, video webinars, and conference rooms. Groups are able to easily manage their Zoom meetings all from within Slack. The integration easily translates to chapter operations for chapters meetings, event planning and virtual chats.



WordPress is known as one of the world’s most popular website builders. WordPress gives customers the ability to extend their experience either through the use of open source plugins or multisites. They can offer the ability to host hundreds of chapter microsites all under one domain. Administrators can be assigned to each unique microsite, while a super-administrator can manage updates and assign permissions. Organizations can provide a template for each microsite that can be customized at a chapter level. Take WordPress to the next level by using plugins for single sign-on, API integrations, and connecting with your database.



Salesforce is a leading provider of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) technology around the world. Employing a solution of this magnitude can seem overly complex, but by staying in the dark you are missing out on a time-tested solution that will bring lasting scale and change to your organization.

Salesforce is designed for applications that act as a customizable layer for customers. Companies like ChapterSpot have built their database technology to integrate with Salesforce to create an industry specific user experience. The integration leverages Salesforces’ powerful CRM to streamline complex group structures into a unified workflow. By using an industry layer on top of a universal tool, you address your industry-specific (and organization specific needs) while getting the benefits of a universal solution.

Looking to add an industry layer that optimizes chapter banking and accounting while still using the full power of a global tech solution like Salesforce? The greekbill solution works with the database you choose, making for a seamless integration.



When deciding on a solution, you may wonder who on your team is going to implement this new technology. Who do I need to involve? With any of the global players above, you won’t need a technical expert leading your implementation. You need someone who is organized, detailed, and understands the goal of the organization. While it’s important to involve your tech teams, your culture-changer should be leading the project.

Sound scary? Take advantage of the technical support and training of universal solutions. They are designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to get off the ground. They have invested time and resources to streamline training for millions of users. It also makes them Google-able, meaning you can troubleshoot quickly without having to interface with support teams.

Once the dust settles from implementation, onboarding and adoption efforts should be in full swing. Leaders of your organization should be brought in to drive the engagement uphill by helping teams see the long-term vision and getting them onboard with where the organization is heading. When the project gets uncomfortable or people push back when they have to learn new things, having a team committed to driving people forward can make all the difference.

Championing a new solution isn’t easy when you need people to change long-formed habits and processes. The outcome of your efforts will mean more efficiency, better integrations, and secure data for years to come.

About the author

Katie Carson is the former Marketing Specialist for Billhighway and greekbill. She oversaw the marketing strategies for all things fraternal.