Part 1: Start your journey toward embracing crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has secured it’s foothold in the fundraising industry, make sure your organization isn’t left behind and how to find the right solution.
Start your journey toward embracing crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has secured it’s foothold in the fundraising industry, make sure your organization isn’t left behind. 

Over the past decade, crowdfunding has evolved from a strategy for companies to raise capital to becoming part of our every day. Any Facebook user has the opportunity to create a crowdfunding campaign for a social cause of their choice with the simple click of a button. Like it or not, you have probably been asked to donate to a campaign on behalf of a Facebook friend’s birthday. 

Crowdfunding campaigns have the unique ability to tell compelling stories and collectively raise funds by leveraging social connections. With the right tools, small networks are able to make a large impact. 

Crowdfunding’s surge to popularity begets the questionare your chapters crowdfunding? The answer is yes, whether you know it or notChapters are showing initiative by creating their own campaigns on popular crowdfunding sites. A quick search on GoFundMe will likely find campaigns associated with your organization or its letters.  

While chapters are typically not raising funds with malicious intent, it’s important to understand the implications of funds raised in your organization’s name and the vital donor data you could be missing out on. 

With the embrace of crowdfunding came a growth in the number of platforms available. It can be challenging for chapters to cut through the noise and understand the nuance of fee structure and functionality available. By streamlining the crowdfunding tools available for your chapters, you can continue to build on their enthusiasm while at the same time gaining greater visibility, an improved return on investment and insight into donor behaviors. 

Finding the right crowdfunding solution to fit your organization’s needs does not have to be overwhelming. In this series, we’ll dive into how you can start implementing elements of a solution that will work for you, at your own pace. 

Part 2: Are your chapter’s crowdfunding efforts a mystery?

What can your organization do tomorrow? There are small steps you can take to get a well-rounded view of how your chapters are currently utilizing crowdfunding platformsInvesting the time to understand what functionality chapters want can help focus your efforts in on what is important when putting together your own solution.

Part 3: Capitalize on the buzz around crowdfunding

What can your organization do over the next six months? You don’t have to do it all yourself to see a positive change. Learn how you can collaborate with industry experts, leverage what has worked for other groups and enlist help from within your own organization to reach your goals.

Part 4: Leave lasting legacy through crowdfunding

What is your long-term crowdfunding goal? One of crowdfunding’s largest benefits is its ability to make an impact with few barriers. In the background, it’s also providing security and data that will be valuable for years to come. We’ll cover how to keep these long-term goals in mind.