Three Impexium Clients Explain Why They Love the Billhighway Chapter Performance Solution

Thanks to the powerful combination of Billhighway and Impexium software, members who volunteer to lead local chapters can spend their time building and educating their communities instead of dealing with laborious administrative and financial tasks.

Billhighway & Impexium Combine to Power Up Chapter Performance

Golf enthusiasts, bartenders, and electromagnetic warfare specialists — three very different life pursuits, but what they have in common is the desire to be part of a local community of members with the same personal or professional interests.

How LPGA, AOC, and USBG Enhanced Their Component Relations, Operations & Performance

How LPGA Amateur Golf Association Leverages Billhighway and Impexium to strengthen chapter performance

The Association of Old Crows manages chapters around the globe with the Billhighway/Impexium solution

U.S. Bartenders Guild’s chapters recruit volunteer leaders in a tough market with the help of Billhighway & Impexium

  • By streamlining processes, we’re taking so much of the burden off them. Because of how these two systems work together, we can focus on making sure we have healthy chapters and happy volunteers.”

    Kristin Bailey
    Senior Manager, Chapter Development at LPGA
  • Reports are much easier for them because they only have to use one tool to access data and manage other chapter business, instead of having separate accounts for banking, PayPal, Eventbrite, the website, and so on. It’s like a chapter-in-a-box solution.”

    Glorianne O’Neilin
    Director of Membership Operations at AOC
  • They can finally see that Bob Smith, who comes to all their meetings, is not a member, so he’s not paying anything to get chapter benefits.”

    Shelley Frost, IOM
    Executive Director at AOC
  • Chapters are able to recruit and hold on to volunteer leaders because the job is easier. The platform eliminates any artificial and unnecessary barriers, and the Billhighway onboarding team shows the new leadership team how to use the software.”

    Aaron Gregory Smith, CAE
    Executive Director at the U.S. Bartenders Guild (USBG)

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