Transforming Volunteer Leadership: How RIMS & Billhighway Empower Chapters

Discover the game-changing partnership that revolutionized chapter management for RIMS, the Risk Management Society®

The Association

RIMS, the Risk Management Society®

RIMS drives strategic decision-making and strengthens organizational resilience for risk professionals worldwide. Chapters have a vital role in delivering value to RIMS members. But chapter leaders spent too much of their time managing financial and administrative responsibilities with inefficient chapter systems and processes. Because RIMS now uses Billhighway, these volunteer leaders can instead turn their focus to the chapter member experience.

The Goals

Streamline Chapter Operations & Elevate Member Experiences

Help chapters eliminate reliance on inefficient and siloed systems

Drastically reduce the time chapter leaders spend on administration and finances

Eliminate the risk of chapter fraud, intentional or unintentional

Gain valuable insight into member engagement and chapter performance

The Approach

RIMS & Billhighway Drive Chapter Champions

“The reception to Billhighway has been phenomenal,” said Annette, Chief Operating Officer at RIMS. Billhighway rolls out chapters in a phased approach, with the first phase serving as champions that help drive future adoption. RIMS purposefully chose a diverse mix of chapters by size and geography to account for operational variations. “Start with the chapters who complain the most about everything they have to do. Make it easy for them via Billhighway, and they will become your biggest advocates.”

  • “I’ve spent most of my association career in chapter land, as I affectionately call it. There isn’t a solution like Billhighway. This is a really clean, elegant system that is going to change the relationship we have with our chapters.”

    Leslie Whittet
    Chief Membership Experience Officer at RIMS
  • “Chapters hold on to good treasures forever. Now they’ll have the tools to make the treasurer’s job easier. Billhighway brings more transparency and stability to chapter management, and diminishes the risk of being a chapter treasure.”

    Annette Homan
    Chief Operating Officer at RIMS
The Solution

RIMS Transforms Chapter Management
With Billhighway

Automate Administrative Tasks

Chapter leaders wave goodbye to siloed software and manual processes. Say hello to real-time member data and automated time-consuming tasks.

Strengthen Chapter Relationships

Billhighway brings the organization together as one. It helps RIMS build trust with chapters by reviewing data and making decisions together—keeping everyone rowing in the same direction.

Insights Drive Better Performance

RIMS has insight into what members are doing on the chapter level. Instead of nagging chapters for reports, they can spot at-risk chapters, share best practices, and help them all improve performance.

Seamless Financial Operations, Zero Fraud Risk

Billhighway introduces standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all chapters. No more SOPs in volunteers’ heads or work computers—safeguard against fraud risks.

Easier Chapter Leader Recruitment

No more reliance on one person to manage finances, making it easier to engage more members in chapter leadership. Building a sustainable leadership team becomes more achievable.

Enhanced Focus on Membership Value

With less time spent on undesirable tasks, chapter leaders prioritize serving members and supporting HQ. Dedicate more time to planning better events that increase engagement and generate revenue.

Download the RIMS Case Study

RIMS isn’t the only organization to see their relationship with components transformed thanks to the help of Billhighway. Download the full RIMS Case Study to learn how Billhighway can help solve your component and volunteer leadership challenges.

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