Unions Thrive With Billhighway Despite Florida Dues Legislation

Billhighway, the leading financial management solution for member-based organizations, has developed a payment platform for union locals in Florida (and any other state in jeopardy of losing payroll). Given Florida’s new law disallowing payroll deduction for union dues, Billhighway expanded its solution for unions at the state and national levels to work well for locals.

“Florida locals will use Billhighway’s end-to-end solution to operate without the reliance on payroll, so leaders can focus on what’s most important: their members.”

Billhighway streamlines accounting, banking, and member management workflows to bring organizations real-time, actionable data that helps simplify administrative processes, increase cash flow, and reduce expenses. Designed to eliminate manual processes such as collecting paper checks, Billhighway is packed with features like ACH and credit card processing that mimics payroll deduction, automated reporting, simplified expense management tools, in-person payment capabilities, and more.

Billhighway undergoes rigorous control reviews with annual external audits to ensure the security of its platform. Their security program protects system accounts and network environments in a layered approach for overall security.


Billhighway is a technology-driven financial management company that provides comprehensive solutions to associations and their chapters. Our platform offers a wide range of services, including payment processing, financial reporting, budgeting, fundraising, event management, and much more. We have a strong presence across the United States, with our headquarters in Troy, MI, and two sister companies in Torrance, CA (greekbill) and McLean, VA (Impexium). Our nationwide reach allows us to provide exceptional service and support to our clients, regardless of their location.


To learn more about how Billhighway can help your organization, please contact Megan Pyles at [email protected] or click here for more information.

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