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  • “We speak different languages than our chapters. We need to come together.”

  • “Chapters aren’t necessarily the sexy part of an association, but more of them need to understand that they’re so important.”

  • “All of our chapters have their own solution. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.”

  • “Many chapters are reluctant to share information with National. There is an Us vs. Them mentality.”

  • “Chapter organizations are so different from industry to industry. There is no common practice in place.”

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Having components such as chapters, sections, states or affiliates in your association can add a layer of complexity when it comes to operations and administration.

Billhighway helps unify the complexities inherent in a multi-entity structure like yours. Spend less time on administrative tasks, collecting dues and managing data and do more of what’s really important to you: increasing membership retention, acquisition and engagement through connections and shared data.

Why Our Clients Put Their Trust In Us

5x Faster Data

Get chapter data 5x faster with real-time integrations – or, get access to data that you never could before!

Why Our Clients Put Their Trust In Us

95% Don’t Calculate ROI

95 percent of associations with chapters said they don’t use any formal method to calculate the comprehensive ROI of their chapter system to the association. (Source: Mariner Management & Marketing 2016 Chapter Benchmarking Study)

Why Our Clients Put Their Trust In Us

Only 50% Report Performance

Less than half of chapter-based associations report performance measurement of the key chapter financial or programming metrics. (Source: Mariner Management & Marketing 2016 Chapter Benchmarking Study)

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