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What Makes Chapter Treasurers The Best Job Candidates?

Author: Charlotte Muylaert, Billhighway & Ladders

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What is Discussed in this Article?

Fraternity treasurers have a reputation for going above and beyond this criteria, making them some of the most promising new hires in the market today. Ladders has compiled a list of 10 traits that make for a rock star finance job candidate and compare how your experience as a fraternity treasurer.

What Makes Chapter Treasurers The Best Job Candidates?


In today’s job market, employers want new hires who are not only well-rounded in fundamental experiences, but possess unique skill sets that boldly set them apart from the average job candidate. Fraternity treasurers have a reputation for going above and beyond this criteria, making them some of the most promising new hires in the market today.

Ladders has compiled a list of 10 traits that make for a rock star finance job candidate. Here we compare how your experience as a fraternity treasurer embodies these traits and propels you forward. Here’s What Treasurers Have That Others Lack:

  • Humble confidence
  • Unwavering professionalism
  • Innate problem-solver
  • Exceptional leadership
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Capability for both independent and teamwork

Humble Confidence

Confidence provides a foundation for acceleration in nearly every aspect of your career. You must have confidence in your ability to move your team or company forward, but also harness a willingness to put your company and team ahead of yourself.

What this means for you:

As your fraternity’s treasurer, you have to carry yourself confidently to secure the trust of your brothers while handling their money. It is a great responsibility and they want to know they have someone they can count on, being elected as treasurer by your peers showcases you embody this trait through and through.


Unwavering Professionalism 

Regardless of company culture or client environment, quality  job candidates show professionalism in all situations. A formal tone will establish consistency and trust—and while some environments may be more casual, you should know how to adapt but also remain professional. This is particularly important throughout your interview process, even if your interviewer maintains a more casual tone.

What this means for you:

As a leader on the Executive Board (E-Board), you understand you are a strong representation of your chapter and you strive to be a positive reflection of your house. Your brothers are your best friends, but being treasurer means you know how to not let that interfere with your responsibilities and hold them accountable.


Innate Problem-Solver

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problems longer.” – Albert Einstein

Employers rely on employees who will pull through in challenging times. A top job candidate takes action to find solutions—regardless of the situation or fault. This trait might not be an easy read during the hiring process. If problem-solving comes naturally to you, be sure to include examples of this skill on your resume and focus on it during interview conversation.

What this means for you:

Being a treasurer, you have more on your plate than regular members and therefore face more challenges. You are the go to guy when your brothers need advice or help with their finances. Through these situations you hone your problem-solving and critical thinking skills to ensure things always run smoothly.


Exceptional Leadership

The most coveted business professionals are those who drive themselves and others forward through passionate motivation. Today, even entry-level candidates require a high level of leadership in the business world. This is due to the fact that general project management, effective communication, teamwork and many other day-to-day tasks involve a strong foundation in leadership.

What this means for you:

Your affinity for leadership is made known by being a leader on your E-Board, and to your chapter as a whole. Showcasing this title on your resume as well as the experience you have gained from this role is bound to catch a recruiter’s eye.


Intellectual Curiosity 

The best employees are those who wish to develop in every position they take on. If you’re dedicated to continued learning, your employers will definitely take notice. You are likely to be viewed as a company thought leader or change motivator within the organization. Showcase your passion for learning throughout your cover letter and resume, and consider seeking out companies who share this passion.

What this means for you:

Do the most that you can in this position and always ask questions. What can we do better together? How can we elicit growth and how will we define our success? Whether it be for recruitment, fundraising, or formal, you have the power to make positive changes for your chapter through being the thought leader to see these possibilities.


Compatibility for both Independent and Teamwork

Work settings have the potential to vary in entry-level positions. The best candidates are those who can move seamlessly from independent tasks to acting as a beneficial member of a team. If you excel at a variety of work styles, be sure you’re accurately displaying these styles throughout your interview process.

What this means for you:

You harness this by playing your individual role as treasurer and handling one-on-one challenges with specific members, while simultaneously being a member of your entire E-Board where you work collectively to make the chapter successful as a whole. Having the capability to switch on and off between being independent and a team player within your chapter gives you a skill that many other job candidates will be lacking or haven’t proven out yet.

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