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With Billhighway

Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution for associations with chapters, sections, affiliates, or groups, allowing leaders to automate and simplify financial operations.

Chapter Management

We know finances are frequently mentioned as the biggest problem for chapters to easily manage. Billhighway unifies existing data systems, simplifies administrative processes, and empowers headquarters staff and leaders, allowing you to focus more time and energy on your mission.

Core Features

Chapter Cash Accounts: Streamline the membership dues disbursement process and real-time visibility to your group activity and account balances.

Automated Accounting & Banking: Streamlined processes – general ledger, bank reconciliation and financial reports.

Contact Invoicing: Send invoices to sponsors, strategic partners, etc., and receive payments right in your Billhighway account.

Financial & Membership Reporting: Robust reporting shows any and all activity taking place. Automate financial statements, reports, and data requirements back to HQ. View and export your member roster from your Billhighway account.

Billhighway Events

Streamline your group’s events and financial transactions effortlessly with our comprehensive toolkit. Say hello to maximizing the success of your group’s events.

Spend Management

Pay your group expenses using a prepaid card, checks, or online bill pay with built in approvals and audit trails.

Prepaid Card

The Billhighway Prepaid Card is a payment card that can be loaded with funds from your Billhighway account. The card can be used at most merchants where MasterCard Network Cards are accepted and can be used online, by phone, or in stores.

*It is not a credit card or debit card, as it allows the cardholder to spend only the amount of money loaded (and approved) to the card. It cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs. Only the cardholder can request to load their own card, and each load requested by a cardholder will need to be approved by another administrator that has access to approve loads.

In-Person Payments

Our Billhighway Anywhere solution, allows you to process in-person payments, that are then approved and reconciled daily to your group Billhighway bank account. Anywhere enables your group to accept in-person member payments, collect donations, submit mobile deposits, and contact payments.

Online Bill Pay

Online bill payments can be setup as a one-time payment or recurring payments. If the vendor is a MasterCard ACH preferred vendor, the transaction will go through as ACH. If not, a check will be cut and sent on your behalf. 

*Recurring online bill payments only require one approval at the start; if any edits or changes are made to the recurring payment, approval is required again. You can also setup vendors to receive an electronic payment from your group. You can create your local bank account as an ACH vendor to move funds outside of Billhighway, and can send funds to the Institute. After you create any ACH vendors, you will use Online Bill Pay to setup the transaction.

Paper Checks

Billhighway checks (paper checks) are a spend management tool that allows an administrator to create a paper check for a vendor. The check is created within the system and cannot be handwritten. Following approval, the check will be printed on paper check stock (ordered from Billhighway) and can be provided to the appropriate vendor or merchant to which payment is due.


Spend transactions are automatically tracked against the budget. Groups utilizing the spend management tools will have the ability to enter, manage and track their budget directly in Billhighway.

*The budgeting tool requires an approval so that after the budget is entered, it must be reviewed and approved by another administrator before the budget gets locked. This feature requires a standard budget period across the organization, so all chapters need to budget on the same frequency.

Send Money

The Send Money tool allows you to electronically send funds to other groups within Billhighway and externally to your HQ. Send Money transactions require approvals just like the rest of the expense management tools.

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