A Solution for Better Chapter Performance

Do you ever wonder if there are ways you can help your chapters be more effective? Chapter leaders are typically not association management experts. They’re not financial whizzes, compliance professionals, database managers, technologists, or website administrators. The responsibilities of managing a chapter take many of them far outside their comfort zone and can limit their effectiveness in serving members.

The good news is you and your chapter leaders don’t have to put up with this frustrating situation. The solution is out there, but you might not know about it yet. Everyone’s familiar with AMS, LMS, event registration platforms, and other tools used for chapter management. But do you know that Billhighway unifies all that functionality into one solution that helps to significantly improve chapter performance, increase member retention, and grow revenue? Join us to learn more about how you can dramatically increase the performance of your chapters and why your chapter leaders and Executive Director will love you for it.

We traditionally focus on resources, tools, and insights that help you and your chapters without being a commercial for Billhighway. This webinar is different, so we want to be upfront about it. In times like these, associations need Billhighway more than ever. So we’re breaking with tradition and focusing this webinar on demonstrating how the Billhighway solution can help component-based associations solve the unique challenges of our current times.


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About the author

Got Chapters? Billhighway gives component-based organizations the tools to automate and simplify operations while creating data visibility across your entire organization. This empowers you and your chapters to focus more on member value and grow your organization.