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Why Are You Attending the Association Component Exchange (CEX)? Interview with Patrick Algyer


Patrick Algyer, Senior Manager, Volunteer Relations at Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)

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What Is Discussed In This Podcast?

Are you looking to attending the next Association Component Exchange (CEX)? Hear from one Component Relations Professional (CRP) for his reasons for attending the 2017 Association Component Exchange (CEX) in October. Topics include: networking & education, CRP-focused event and face-to-face connection.

Why Are You Attending CEX? Interview with Patrick Algyer


Networking & Education


Networking. That’s really the bottom line. Education. I’m a bit of an education junkie.

We were just in Toronto a couple weeks ago for the ASAE conference. And that’s my second time attending that conference, which was in Toronto this year.

And I was a little disappointed to see that there was only one chapter-related session at the conference this year.


So many CRPs out there have struggles or even successes that they want to share and get out there, and we didn’t have that opportunity this year. And that was disappointing.


CRP-Focused Event


But one of the things that we did do was we had this meet-up that was kind of a last minute thing. And we had 20-25 people, I guess, show up to that. And we talked about it.

We talked about this conference of a CRP-focused event. To solve problems, to network. Further our education. And just have that more closely connected relationship with other CRPs that we can pick up the phone and say,

Hey, I remember you solved this problem. Can you help me out? Or, Hey, I have this problem. Can you help me out?


I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love collaborating on ASAE, but there’s really nothing like having that face-to-face connection.


Face-to-Face Connection


We’re the Global Business Travel Association. That’s what we do. In the travel industry, that’s what’s successful. Especially – I guess in any sales activity, is the face-to-face connection. You can’t get anything better than that. And that’s what I’m really looking forward to at this conference. Because we kind of didn’t get that this year at ASAE.


Patrick Algyer, Senior Manager, Volunteer Relations

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA): 29 GBTA Chapters and 10 GBTA Affiliate organizations across the United States

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Interested in CEX?

If you’re interested in joining Patrick and other component relations professionals. Those of you who manage both the staff up there at National, but also some kind of chapter or state affiliate kind of organization, go to, and sign up for the one-day event on October 13th in Arlington, Virginia.

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