Billhighway Acquires ChapterSpot to Help Fraternal and Chapter-Based Organizations Thrive

Billhighway, the leading provider of finance management solutions for fraternal organizations and associations, is pleased to announce its combination with ChapterSpot, the leading provider of CRM and member management software for fraternal organizations and chapter-based organizations.

The ChapterSpot and Billhighway software suites are best-in-class platforms built to further clients’ missions, engage members, streamline workflow and costs, and drive growth. Joe McMenemon and Brendan Finke, co-founders of ChapterSpot, will be joining Billhighway’s executive team.

“ChapterSpot joining forces with Billhighway creates a comprehensive, powerful, and scalable technology solution. We are now uniquely able to deliver a best-in-class system — one that is seamless throughout the member lifecycle from recruitment to dues, from chapter operations to financial management, from donor management to housing,” says Joe McMenemon, co-founder of ChapterSpot. “Together, as one company, we are deeply committed to the success and growth of the fraternal community and each of our clients.”

Member engagement and financial integrity are the lifeblood of member-based organizations. Deep expertise and relationships, advanced CRM capabilities, strong accounting controls, and network security keep clients, members, and funds safe and aligned.

“Based on many years of experience, member-based organizations trust Billhighway,” says Paul Edelmann, CEO of Billhighway. “And they rely on ChapterSpot for innovative solutions and extensive industry experience. It’s an exciting combination of reliability, innovation, and vision.”

Billhighway and ChapterSpot remain deeply committed to providing excellent client service. They listen closely to clients and continuously improve their processes and quality. Together, they will help their clients succeed in the present and use innovative technologies to thrive in the future.

About Billhighway

Billhighway provides powerful solutions that help its clients improve the world.
Billhighway’s suite of solutions includes Billhighway, Greekbill, Impexium, and now ChapterSpot. Learn more at

About ChapterSpot

ChapterSpot is the leading provider of CRM and member management software, providing fraternal organizations with advanced solutions for efficient operations and member engagement. Learn more at


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