3 Ways Data Improves Chapter Performance Guide

Do you have data-driven strategies for communicating the positive impact of your chapters?

Are you able to articulate the value that your chapters provide to members?

If not, you’re not alone. The information gap between an association and its components (chapters, sections, states, affiliates, etc.) can seem impossible to bridge. Constantly having to nag chapters for reports and data can strain your valuable relationship and waste time for everyone involved.



You know that chapters bring in new members and create value through events, volunteering, and networking. How can you continue to support and make the case for investment in this critical member engagement channel? With a challenging and uncertain future ahead, chapter partnerships will play a pivotal role in engaging members, and having data to back that up allows you to capitalize on this opportunity.

How do you get the data you need without creating an “us vs. them” mentality? We have you covered. In our new eBook, we look at three ways data can improve not just chapter performance but also the relationship with your components (chapters, sections, states, affiliates, networks, etc.).



  • Chapter member engagement data: Zero in on leading engagement indicators to get ahead of retention issues, prevent non-renewals, widen HQ’s audience, and increase revenue.
  • Chapter financial data: Reduce risk and administrative burden all while gaining real-time visibility into financial data that can alert you to chapters that may need extra support.
  • Chapter performance data: Capitalize on innovative, successful strategies for getting performance data and empower your chapters to better serve members. Learn more about the tools that can help you make this data a reality for your association.
  • Bonus! Chapter tools: Provide your chapters tools to help them run their day-to-day and create a win-win. They’ll have tools to make their lives easier, and you’ll get component data when you need it.


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About the author

Sarah has a soft-spot for component relations professionals (CRPs), creating amazing experiences, and having a good laugh. She focuses her time at Billhighway on building and delivering chapter-focused resources, creating unique experiences for CRPs through webinars, events and the one-of-a-kind Component Exchange (CEX). Sarah is passionate about exploring new ideas and trying new things. What we really want to say is Sarah is a component bad@$$ who is sure to put a smile on your face.