Breaking Open a New Channel for Member Engagement

Hint, the new channel is your chapter network! Take a look at the 2019 Chapter Benchmarking Report and research on member engagement. Factor in the constraints on large association meetings and combined with the research, we see all signs point to local as an engagement opportunity. Local events and activities are a hot way to draw in new/early careerists for the lower cost and more convenient access to learning and networking.  Local also connects with our experienced members who are seeking ways to give back and that often translate to students.

We talked about how to tap this channel and how to use benchmarking research as part of that in our webinar Breaking Open a New Channel. Check out the video. In it you’ll hear how to tap chapters as

  • An education partner from three associations: one association found that 67% of member growth came from top chapters fueled by education offerings.
  • Member recruiters from four associations: one association yielded a conversation rate of 11 percent through a pilot member recruitment project with two chapters.
  • A service delivery channel from five associations: one association tapped local network to deliver direct assistance to member families in local communities.
  • and 4 other ways.


Before COVID-19 changed the game, associations were already looking to geographic components (aka chapters) as an increasingly important engagement channel. In the 2019 Chapter Benchmarking Report, 64% viewed member engagement as an “absolutely essential” role for their chapters. Fast forward a couple of months and the value intensifies.

In the reasonable scenario that large meetings are on hold through much of 2021, the value of geographic chapters increases as members look for learning closer to home. Join Mariner Management’s Peter Houstle and Peggy Hoffman, FASAE, CAE, to explore the data and the stories from the field to unlock how we can use chapters to stay connected to members. Mariner Management is excited to partner with ReviewMyAMS to bring you this webinar. Download the full Chapter Benchmarking report at

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