Pivoting Your Chapter Leadership Conference to Virtual

As the world begins to open back up in the coming months, one question will continue to remain on the minds of many chapter leaders–what now? Can they still count on your association to provide the leadership resources they need to continue to bring community and education to members? The future is still uncertain, but what’s clear is that chapters will need to change how they deliver value to members.

While we figure it all out, there is no doubt that this is an excellent opportunity to introduce your chapter leaders to different forms of virtual education. The best way to learn is through experience. Join in as we explore how to turn your chapter leader training to virtual meetings that create engaging connections in unexpected ways.

Since you were unable to join us for the webinar, here’s a link to the session recording and the slide deck to share with your colleagues. Here are some additional resources that we promised to provide as well:

A huge thank you to Community Brands, a 2019 CEX Sponsor, for partnering with us on our May workshop and this webinar!


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