Billhighway has built a library full of articles, webinars, templates, and more created exclusively for associations with components (chapters, sections, states, and affiliates).

Billhighway Helps the U.S. Bartenders Guild and Its Chapters Recruit Volunteer Leaders in a Tough Market

Chapters are able to recruit and hold on to volunteer leaders because the job is easier. The Billhighway platform eliminates any artificial and unnecessary barriers for USBG.
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How Billhighway Helps LPGA Amateur Golf Association Strengthen Chapter Performance

LPGA volunteer leaders use Billhighway as a one-stop shop to manage everything related to chapter management. From member rosters and membership reporting to banking and finances, chapters do it all with Billhighway.
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Association of Old Crows Relies on Billhighway to Manage Chapters Around the Globe

With nearly a third of their chapters outside the U.S., the Association of Old Crows (AOC) wanted to make chapter management easier for volunteer leaders all over the globe.
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Membership Mastery: Building a Strong National-Chapter Partnership

Component relations professionals and chapter leaders should be on the same team. So why does it often feel like we’re rowing in opposite directions when it comes to membership goals?
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Don’t Face Chapter Challenges Alone: Change, Revenue & Membership Are on the Agenda at CEX 2024

At CEX: Association Component Exchange, you have the chance to collaborate with a community of CRPs who face the same challenges. Join us on May 7 in Chicago and May 10 in DC (or virtual)!
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Spark Joy, Not Burnout: Tips to Increase Volunteer Satisfaction

Join us as we dive into the root causes of volunteer burnout. Learn how to identify the signs of burnout before it’s too late. Discover effective strategies to rejuvenate your chapters and create a fulfilling volunteer experience.
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Launching Your Association’s Chapter Ambassador Program: Ramp Up Member Engagement

If you asked chapter boards, leaders, members, and staff, to describe your association, chances are you would get a multitude of responses. Each time your stakeholders describe your association with a different voice, it muddies your brand. But there’s a way to ensure that your association spokespersons are conveying your brand — launch a Chapter...
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Revamping Chapter Structures & Processes: Embracing Change for a Stronger Future

Is it time to change your chapter structure? According to our Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Report, 1/3 of associations have made substantial chapter structure changes, while 1/3 are considering implementing changes.
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Revenue Revamp: 5 Game-Changing Fixes Help Chapters Increase Non-Dues Revenue in 2024

As an association exec, you’d love for 2024 to be a year of strong non-dues revenue growth – for you and your chapters. If sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers believe your chapters can positively impact their bottom lines, chapters will convert more customers with less effort.
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Three Impexium Clients Explain Why They Love the Billhighway Chapter Performance Solution

Thanks to the powerful combination of Billhighway and Impexium software, members who volunteer to lead local chapters can spend their time building and educating their communities instead of dealing with laborious administrative and financial tasks.
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