Each month, Billhighway hosts a live webinar with Mariner Management that's all about chapters! Check out our past webinars to learn something new.

"The chapter experience can be one of the biggest drivers of member retention. If we're investing in them, it increases our national retention rate and growth rate."

Trevor Mitchell, Executive Director of Membership & Technology, ARMA

10 Jul: AIGA Slack: A New Tool for Chapter Leaders

Do your chapter leaders have an effective way to communicate and connect with National and each other? AIGA’s chapter leaders didn’t think so. Enter the picture: Slack. This webinar runs through a mini-case study that dispels AIGA converted over 600 chapter leaders to using this new communication model/tool.

"It becomes incumbent upon national organizations to do a better job of helping component organizations, giving them the insights, tools and resources they need to be effective."

Charles W.L. Deale, FASAE, CAE, Account Executive

23 Feb: Show Some TLC to Your Chapter KPIs

In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into leading and lagging KPIs and their importance in developing effective dashboards to monitor chapter performance. What are you measuring? What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? How can dashboards help track KPIs?