Each month, Billhighway hosts a live webinar with Mariner Management that's all about chapters! Check out our past webinars to learn something new.

12 Jan: Chapter Engagement: 5 Trends for 2017

In this webinar, we’ll explore 5 ways to increase engagement at the chapter level by providing them with a foundation for success. Why are they chapter leaders? How do you solve your biggest engagement challenges? We’ll share the top 5 engagement trends.

22 Dec: Top 10 Takeaways for Chapter Based Associations

In case you missed any of our previous webinars, we’ll recap our best tips, tricks and advice from 2016. Watch this webinar to see the top 10 takeaways for chapter-based associations. We’ll talk about learning from other component relations professionals (CRPs), supporting volunteers, setting expectations and more!

26 Oct: National & Chapters Are NOT On Different Planets

Do you find communication to be a big obstacle for your chapter-based association? Chapter collaboration is key in improving the relationship and communication. You’ll hear from the Former VP of Membership & Chapter Relations at FEI, on how to improve collaboration in your organization.