CEX: Component Exchange 2020

Chapter Case Studies: Finding the Positive Exceptions

Dive into three real “bright spot” stories from associations that have discovered positive exceptions among their chapters. We walk through highlights from the stories and how they align with the bright spot framework so you can see firsthand what to keep an eye out for in your own organization. You’ll walk away with ideas and strategies to identify chapter bright spots and expand those positive exceptions to your entire chapter network. We wrap up the session with an opportunity to ask the storytellers questions about their specific bright spots.

Download the Chapter Bright Spots Worksheet:

The Feedback Alternative: FeedForward

Giving feedback to volunteers is a tricky situation and often fails to produce the outcome we need. The same could be said about giving feedback to staff or your supervisors. We explore a technique that shifts the outcome by shifting the focus. It’s an approach that also removes the discomfort we often experience in giving/getting feedback. It’s called FeedForward and it may well be a gamechanger for volunteer management.

Download the FeedForward handout: https://cdn-api.swapcard.com/public/f…

The Hardest Conversations are the Most Important Ones: The Power of Perspectives

In this moment of disruption and shift, our world is noisier than ever. Often, our ability (and that of our organizations) to thrive through this time is only possible by having essential, but difficult, conversations. How can we better focus our intent and mindset during these hard conversations to not assume outcomes, but be open to possibilities? To quote Stephen Covey, are we listening to understand or to reply? Learn approaches and insights on how we can better hear one another, increasing that the hard conversations are still leading us to better tomorrows.

Download the slide deck: https://cdn-api.swapcard.com/public/f…

Tech Wins: How Apps & Tech Let Us Triumph

The shift to virtual has placed an even greater emphasis on the importance of leveraging technology. Beth Z, a technology and productivity guru, shares specific tools on which she relies to maximize her personal and professional productivity. She also Emcees the sharing of tech tools that CRPs have mastered to help their chapters navigate this new virtual reality.

Text NERD to 66866 to unlock Beth Z’s handouts.

Coaching Volunteers to Focus on What You Need

What would we do without volunteers? They’re our sun, our moon, our STARS! But what about when it doesn’t go as planned?

Expectations fall into the black hole, and deadlines don’t get met. Our multistage rocket is missing a stage. Staff doesn’t have many alternatives but to step in and save the launch! The impact can be overwhelming. How do we ensure our volunteers have the fuel needed to fully contribute their part? How can we inspire the energy required for lift-off? This session will share essential coaching skills that can keep our volunteers on the celestial path to success.

The Golden Circle: Why Some Succeed Where Others Do Not

When we look across our chapters, we often see that the best performers aren’t necessarily those with the best or most resources. So, what are the truly meaningful attributes of our best performing chapters, and most importantly, how can we help our lesser performing chapters find that secret sauce that drives their better-performing peers? This session explores the concept of the Golden Circle to see if there’s a solution we can all put in play.

Bright Spots: What’s working and how can we do more of it?

When confronted with a dark spot, (aka “problem”), we tend to focus all our attention on the problem hoping to identify exactly what’s wrong so we can fix it. But experience has consistently demonstrated that knowledge does not change behavior and the best solution often starts with bright spots – i.e. what’s going really well. So rather than solving our chapters’ problems, how can we scale their successes?

This session teaches how to identify and propagate the positive attributes of bright spots among our chapters so we can then provide crystal-clear direction.

Download the Chapter Bright Spots Worksheet:


Before, During & After: Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of Virtual Meetings

Face-to-face meetings can be difficult enough to facilitate, but virtual meetings offer new layers of complexity: technology, distance, and distractions (just to name a few!). We will explore tips and tricks to consider and implement before, during, and after virtual meetings to help ensure all virtual meeting participants experience collaboration, engagement, and productivity. Ideas range from thoughtful preparation to skillful facilitation and intentional follow-through.

Download the Virtual Meeting Success Guide: https://eventgarde.com/media/files/ne…


The Fundamentals of Fun

“Life is too important to be taken seriously” – Oscar Wilde. Have you ever heard your chapter leaders declare they would never suggest anyone sign up for their job because it’s all work and no play? We’ll share the steps CRPs have taken to put a smile on their leaders’ faces and funshine in their outlook.

Download The Fundamentals of Fun Handout: https://cdn-api.swapcard.com/public/f…



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