Don’t Face Chapter Challenges Alone: Change, Revenue & Membership Are on the Agenda at CEX 2024

You’re not alone, you know. You’re one of many component relations professionals (CRPs) who tries to help chapter leaders embrace the need for change…who seeks new approaches to non-dues revenue…and who wants to partner with chapters to increase membership.

At CEX: Association Component Exchange, you have the chance to collaborate with a community of CRPs who face these same challenges. Together, you get to listen to and talk with experts who’ve helped other associations resolve these issues.

CEX is organized by Billhighway, Impexium, and Mariner Management. This year, we’re meeting in Chicago on May 7 and in Washington DC (and virtually) on May 10.

If you are an association professional who works with:

  • Chapters
  • State or local affiliates
  • Special interest groups
  • Networks, communities, or member units
  • Sections or divisions
  • Or whatever you call your member subgroups who gather in-person or virtually around the world…

…then, CEX is for you. CEX is the only conference designed for component relations professionals.

What’s on the agenda at CEX

We’re tackling three tough topics this year—issues that may have been troubling you for a while. After attending CEX, you will have a clear path to follow and expert advice to guide you.

But you don’t have to tackle these challenges alone. At CEX, you’ll connect with fellow component professionals ready to support you during and after the conference. You can count on them to discuss tactics, lend a sympathetic ear, and hold you accountable, if that’s what you want.

The first topic we’ll address at both the Chicago and DC events is change. I know, I know, must we always talk about change?

You know the answer is “yes.” The life of a CRP isn’t the same as it was five years ago. We can’t even imagine how different it will be in the coming years as members, work, and technology change.

It’s one thing for you to deal with the changes required for growth at the HQ and chapter level—that’s your job as an association professional. But it’s another thing completely for chapter leaders to manage change and get members to follow them into the unknown.

Many chapter leaders find the idea of major change too much to even contemplate amidst their other responsibilities. Rightfully so.

Peggy Hoffman, FASAE, CAE, president and executive director of Mariner Management & Marketing, will join us at both CEX locations to share her actionable insights. She’ll explain how to empower chapter leaders to navigate and bring everyone else along on that wild ride.

In Chicago, Carrie McIntyre, principal of Navigate, will help us tackle another touchy issue: non-dues revenue. Sponsorships shouldn’t cause battles between HQ and chapters—and sponsors shouldn’t be assailed from all sides with requests. She’ll describe how to make sponsorship a win-win-win collaboration for everyone involved: HQ, chapters, and sponsors.

In DC and on the virtual CEX, Elizabeth Engel, CAE, chief strategist of Spark Consulting, will take us on a deep dive into partnering with chapters to address their biggest member recruitment, engagement, and retention challenges. She’ll explain how you can set and achieve membership goals together.

The Magic Ingredient of CEX

We’re excited to bring these three highly respected experts to share their deep experience and knowledge with you. But the sage on the stage is just one portion of the CEX program.

People come back to CEX year after year to hear the wisdom of the guides on the side—your fellow attendees. We’ve built plenty of time into the schedule and sessions for you to get to know fellow attendees.

At CEX, you have the rare chance to learn alongside and from other CRPs, as well as the membership professionals and CEOs in attendance too. During the peer-to-peer solution rounds, you can share insights and brainstorm solutions on topics that matter most to you.

Making big changes is less daunting when you have a community of CRPs on call. Together, you can work through worries and explore new strategies and tactics. When a question or problem pops up, the usual response is to turn to colleagues at work or strangers in an online forum—and hope they’re not too busy to help. But, after attending CEX, you can turn to someone you’ve met here, someone who understands your situation and will make time for a fellow CRP.

The CEX website says, “Come for the content, go home with a community.” We’re not kidding. Nothing is better than spending a day with your people. We’ve seen many friendships start at CEX, which is not surprising when you’re in a room full of people who get what you do and why you do it.

CEX is just weeks away. Now’s the time to commit to making this a better year for you and your chapter leaders—and earn 5.5 CAE credits too. Choose your registration option below and make plans to join us in Chicago, DC, or online.


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About the author

Sarah has a soft-spot for component relations professionals (CRPs), creating amazing experiences, and having a good laugh. She focuses her time at Billhighway on building and delivering chapter-focused resources, creating unique experiences for CRPs through webinars, events and the one-of-a-kind Component Exchange (CEX). Sarah is passionate about exploring new ideas and trying new things. What we really want to say is Sarah is a component bad@$$ who is sure to put a smile on your face.