How to Create a Collaborative Chapter Marketing Movement

With the generational shift and rise of digital engagement, more chapter-based associations are starting to incorporate influencer models into their digital media marketing strategies. Unsurprisingly, many association leaders are looking to their chapters to help keep their marketing momentum going.

In the webinar–How to Create a Collaborative Chapter Marketing Movement–we provide examples of what other associations have done to drive membership engagement, particularly with younger generations. View Slides >>



  • Are you currently using your components to enhance national’s marketing efforts?
  • What is the one thing that your chapters could help you do better?
  • What wants, needs, and pain points can your components help you solve at the local level?



  1. Use & Share Member Data: Use data collected to recruit new members and share your data with chapters.
  2. Connect with Non-Members: Help chapters connect with non-members and see the value in working with National.
  3. Pilot Programs: Sometimes you might only have 3 chapters that want to get onboard, that’s fine – work with those 3.
  4. Empower Chapter Ideas: Empower your chapters to take an idea and run with it on their own.



  1. Find the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me): Show value-add to members by giving their projects national exposure.
  2. Dedicate a Campaign Manager: Remember you are still the campaign manager – be sure to build time to help chapters succeed.
  3. Piggy Bank on Success: Build on an existing effort that members know about – no need to convince leaders that the campaign will be successful.



Bring Chapters to the Table

  • Encourage a collaborative culture
  • Provide opportunities for them to contribute
  • Allow and encourage focused feedback


Empower & Challenge Them to Take the Imitative

  • Be results-focused and allow time for more project-based work
  • Adapt your management style
  • Be objective and welcome new ideas
  • Do what you can to bridge the gap between national and chapters


Provide Professional Development Opportunities

  • Provide mentoring and education (i.e. chapter leader conference)
  • Encourage cross-functional partnerships, or cross-network and association-chapter partnerships


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