National & Chapters Are NOT On Different Planets

Do you find communication to be a big obstacle for your chapter-based association? National and chapters are NOT on different planets. Chapter collaboration is key in improving the relationship and communication. You’ll hear from Chip Deale, the Former VP of Membership & Chapter Relations at FEI, on how to improve collaboration in your organization. View Slides >>

Why are you here? Does your relationship between National and chapters need to be improved? Is the communication a one-way street instead of two-way, collaborative environment?



Trust and relationships are key to success. What makes them so hard?

  • Structure: Having structure, systems and plans in place to define relationships is critical.
  • Mutual agreement: Having clear understandings between both parties.
  • Early bird gets the worm: Bring chapters into processes early, not at the tail-end.



Communication is a two-way street. 86% of respondents said that chapter/local peer networking is their primary reason for belonging to FEI.

  • Support: Small chapters need more support than larger ones due to less volunteers.
  • Outcome: Internal administration support initiative.
  • Complement chapters: National should complement chapter activities that members find value in, not duplicate.


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