Everything You Need To Know About Chapter Dashboards

Chapter Dashboards – What’s Measured Is Real

Why dashboards? What are the strategic objectives at National? What are your chapters? In Part 1, we’ll discuss the process for identifying key metrics. What should your chapters be focusing on? What are the top metrics to track? We’ll also dive into internal communication and buy-in for dashboards. View Slides >>

What should your chapters be focusing on? What are the top metrics to track? What type of internal communications and buy-in are available for dashboards?


Why Dashboards?

  • Project buy-in from HQ and chapters
  • Budget allocation
  • Incentives and support
  • Best practices


Next Steps:

  1. Aligning Your Organization: What are the strategic objectives at National? What are your chapter’s strategic objectives? What support do chapters want from National?
  2. Engage to Create: How do others start tracking? Have you tried face-to-face or two-way communication with leaders? Do you hold chapters to standards or bylaws?
  3. Setting KPIs: Do you KPIs fall under these categories: Membership, Financial, Activity or Perceptions?

Chapter Dashboards: Gather, Rather Than Hunt For Your Member Data

Why is data being collected? Who will collect the data? When will the data be collected? In Part 2, we’ll discuss how to find the data.

You’ll learn how to identify the status of current data processes, steps to improve the data gathering process, and learn tools other organizations are using. View Slides >>


Develop a Plan

  • Why is the data being collected?
  • What data will be collected?
  • Where will the data be collected?
  • Who will collect the data?
  • When will the data be collected?
  • How will the data be collected?


Start Small

  • Analyze the state of your data
  • Review your bylaws
  • Examine current processes
  • Determine long-term goals


Simple Tools

  • AMS
  • Survey tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Accounting package
  • Excel or worksheets
  • Google Analytics


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