Nominating Chapter Members For the Election

Your chapter needs strong leadership. Follow these simple steps for nominating chapter members for election and establishing roles and responsibilities.
Nominating Chapter Members For the Election

Nominating Chapter Members For the Election

If your chapter is to be a success, you’ll want to ensure that all leadership positions are filled. You’ll find that the process for nominating candidates is different at any given organization, but this process usually revolves around a few key components. If you find yourself looking to fill board positions within your chapter, follow these simple steps.


Step 1: Spread The Word

Send an email to your database with a list of available positions and instructions for those looking to apply. Make sure this email clearly communicates the benefits of being a board member, or applying for the available positions. Members can either self-nominate or nominate each other.


Step 2: Fix Your Deadline

Ask all interested parties to submit their details to your chapter election leader by a certain date.


Step 3: Share the Election Ballot

Ask national to promote your election. Feature it in the weekly newsletter or on your chapter’s webpage.


Step 4: Send National the Final List of Nominations

Your election results might be compiled by national. The chapter election leader can then be informed of the winners.  This process varies according to each individual organization, so it’s worth checking with national for the full details of this stage.


Step 5: Congratulate the Winners

It’s now time to announce your winners! Your newly elected chapter board will confirm acceptance of positions.


Step 6: The Next Steps

The updated board will then be announced. Often this is done by National. In some cases, National will require that you send elected names to them. You’ll also need to think about updates which might need to be made on your website. Following the announcement, it’s likely that each newly appointed leader will be advised of the next steps they need to take.

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Roles and Responsibilities Within Your Chapter

Usually, a chapter will have between three to seven officers. Positions typically include the President, Secretary and Treasurer. For neutrality, there always needs to be an odd number of positions on the board. Here’s a short introduction to the roles you might want to include in your chapter. Feel free to adapt it according to your organization’s roles and responsibilities.



The president coordinates all chapter activities, leads chapter board meetings and serves as the primary point-of-contact for your chapter. This position is also responsible for deciding the strategic direction of the chapter.

Additional responsibilities might include participating in an end-of-the-quarter leadership conference call, with a member from each chapter leadership board and national. New chapter Presidents should also be required to have a transition conference call with national to discuss the future of the chapter record, the quarterly leadership conference call minutes, and current status of chapter projects, nuances, membership, etc.


Vice President

Fulfills responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. He/she is also responsible for coordinating volunteer engagement and the planning of events, including identifying tasks, roles and overseeing event execution.



Maintains chapter documents. This position is responsible for drafting meeting agendas, taking minutes and sending reports to national.



Responsible for financial transactions and reporting, maintaining financial records (e.g. receipts and invoices), managing sponsorship opportunities, and generally planning for a healthy bank balance.


Communication Director

Maintains chapter mailing list and contact information. He/she also directs and delegates communications via other channels (e.g. Eventbrite, LinkedIn and Twitter) and provides perspective on promoting the chapter and increasing member engagement.

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