The Chapter Playbook: Part 2 – Marketing, Membership & Events

How can National set chapters up for website success? How can you improve the new member onboarding process? How is National helping chapters manage better data? In this presentation, we cover the marketing, membership and event information you should consider when creating your chapter playbook. View Slides >>.

During the Chapter Playbook -Part 2 we cover the following key questions and best practices:



  • Who are your personas for marketing?
  • How can National be setting chapters up for website success?
  • How can National help guide chapters during the onboarding process?
  • What do chapters want? Higher retention? Engaged members? Event attendance?
  • How is National helping chapters manage better data?
  • How can you optimize chapter events?



  1. Develop personas: First, help chapters with the “who”. Who are you marketing? What is their background, demographic or interests? Do you know their goals or challenges?
  2. Build a chapter website: Virtually represent your chapter within the organization. Highlight your membership benefits, mission/vision and overall chapter messaging. Ask National for support creating your chapter website.
  3. Create an onboarding campaign: When onboarding new members, encourage face-to-face engagement. Try implementing a new member mingle, buddy system or remote hangouts.
  4. Manage member data: Data = adding member data. Help them understand why and how properly managed member data plays a key role in high performing chapters. What do chapters want? Higher retention? Engaged members? Increased event attendance?
  5. Track event registration: Provide expectations (or suggestions) for the number and type of events chapters should host each year. Ask chapters to send this data to National via an Event Summary Report. Create procedures and sample registration forms for chapters.
  6. Develop an Event Summary Report: Track your event to understand performance. Create a event strategy/goals, track the number of registrants/attendees/sponsors/exhibitors/etc, and ask for attendee/sponsor/exhibitor feedback.


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