Tips on Building a Speakers Bureau for Chapters

How other associations have built their speakers bureaus, how they helped driven adoption, and discuss resources available to chapters.

Offering effective speakers who can discuss timely, industry-relevant topics helps increase chapter engagement while driving wider awareness of your association.

In this webinar, we’ll provide examples of how other associations have built their speakers bureaus, including how they’ve driven adoption. In addition, we’ll discuss the various resources available to chapters that want to build their own speakers bureau. View Slides >>


Webinar Agenda

  • Curating Lists
  • Setting Up a Directory
  • Providing Speakers
  • Speakers Bureau vs Speakers Directory
  • Setting Goals & Driving Adoption


3 Ways to Help Find Speakers

  1. Curate Existing Lists: Finding effective speakers and connecting them with the right chapter can be challenging. Curate existing lists instead of recreating the wheel.
  2. Set Up Directory: Creating a directory of speakers helps connect people looking for a speaker with those who are looking to be a speaker.
  3. Provide Speakers: Every chapter is on the lookout for programming content. Offer a speaker series, or provide training to help find effective speakers.


You’ve Built It…But Will They Come?

  • Incentives: AADE ties Diabetes Educator of the Year award to being available to travel to local groups to give presentations – can help built the speakers directory?
  • Discounts: AMA offers 5% discount off the speaker fee for all bookings via their portal.
  • Rethink “Competition”: Leverage best speakers from national events for local chapter events. National Association of Tax Professionals schedules events and speaker further in advance than chapters, so there’s rarely an issue.


Turning Ideas Into Action

  • Confirm your chapters need help finding speakers
  • Review (and consolidate) current speaker resources
  • Pilot a platform (or Excel spreadsheet) with your organization
  • Set and track metrics for local chapters and national to follow

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